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Power of Focus II


How do we uplift ourselves when we feel defensive and guilty? We can get our minds on something we like to discuss 😊. We have the power to turn our minds around—isn’t that cool. Read on…

Clara called a friend to get some support. At first she got some assistance in writing a letter to handle a pressing situation. Once complete it was time for visiting. The clever friend knew some of the tips reviewed in this column. How did C receive help to refocus? 

View at Graves Mill, 16 x 20, $475

View at Graves Mill, 16 x 20, $475

Our heroine was asked to share some of the dreams for her small business. Plans are afoot for her to interact with Oprah and to see if Clara can attract publicity. She dreams of an endorsement for her product, a very valuable and desirable event.

Another goal – C loves the song “Happy” by Pharrell Williams and wants to connect the song with one of her products and with the Oprah magazine.  As this dear woman shared, her voice pinged with delight and excitement. In a few moments she said, “Oh my God I feel good again. Focusing on what I want worked so beautifully just now to change my mood for the better. ”

Those of us who practice shifting our attention toward what we can enjoy do get quicker results than those who have not yet nurtured this habit. Clara’s phone call illustrates clearly this process: 1) getting our mind on what we want and then 2) allowing our emotions easily to follow the shift in focus.

Do you have examples of times you have shifted your focus to feel better in that moment? Please share them in a comment. It’s so satisfying to review those times!


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