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Living in the Stream of Yes

Money Can Flow


You have been reading recommendations for increasing satisfaction in your life. What kinds of pay offs can you bring forth by a focus on things preferred? Isn’t it wonderful when someone can remain relaxed, look for and find good, and get what she needs? Read this true story.

At one point in Candace’s life as a single woman on her own her finances got particularly tight.

Red Ease, 9 x 12, SOLD

Red Ease, 9 x 12, SOLD

She had juggled and held many jobs, doing her best. At one juncture the funds were needed and seemed not to be flowing. Bottom line: She required $1000 to make sure she would not lose her house.

Our protagonist had reached for good for years. She knew how to envision, and she used her skill now. In her words, “Ok, I need some help. I ask [Forces of Good] and then release the worry.” C reached into her faith and then went about her day-to-day business.

During that time our star attended a small church that welcomed folks with a wide range of beliefs. It was a friendly, accepting place to be. About a week after her declaration she sat for a few moments after a service, and a stranger approached her. C had seen him around and turned to speak with him.

He said, “Hello my name is Stan. You are an artist, aren’t you? I want someone to paint a special train for my boss. Would you be interested in a commission?”

Candace responded, “How much were you thinking of offering for this creation?” He returned, “I had $1000 in mind. I am thinking I will pay $500 for you to start, then remainder on completion.”

C accepted the work and proceeded to research images of trains so that she could find a satisfying image for the coming painting. A couple of weeks went by.

The phone rang: it was Stan. “Have you started the piece yet? Wow, Candace, I had a dream last night that really grabbed my attention. In the dream you and I were dear friends in another lifetime. I feel I want to give you the money. You don’t need to paint that train.”

Our heroine inquired, “Are you sure?”

S said, “Oh yes I really want to do this.”

C beamed, “Ok I accept it. I am very grateful.”

This dear woman put out her request, stayed in her loving heart, and got an amazing result. Wow.

Do you have some tale of receiving what you needed when you needed it? Please comment. It fills us up to share our miracles.


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