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To Heal Body; Focus on Attitude


We have all experienced parts of our body not functioning as designed to operate.  To return to full health we must address not only the body but mind and spirit.

Louise Hay, a leader in the self-help movement, metaphysical teacher, and founder of a publishing house to foster such work, encouraged us to shift our thinking to facilitate healing of bodily conditions. [1] (To go deeper into how specific conditions relate to specific thoughts use this link https://theflowguy.com/louise-hay-list-of-symptoms/)

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Yes, we use a variety of medicines, herbs, supplements along with Jin Shin Jyutsu and other options in energy medicine. Here we awaken to our thinking power to assist us further. We know ourselves to be already whole, breathe in the Well Being pouring into us at all times. Isn’t it wonderful to bask in images of Ease.

Two Illustrations

  1. Catherine Ponder

In 1966 Catherine Ponder published her book The Dynamic Laws of Healing.[2]  Ahead of its time, the work is filled with many stories of dramatic healing from a shift in attitude.

In one account a woman who had failed to get relief from her doctors came for a session. After listening to the client’s long list of woes, the author Ponder asks the woman to tell her something that was currently going well with her. At first this one seeking help could not think of anything.

Catherine persisted pointing out that this dear one had walked into her office, did not live in her bed and appeared to see, hear, smell, taste and touch.  The client responded after some contemplation– her right little finger was perfect.

The counselor told the distressed person to go home and focus on the perfection of her little finger, to praise its health, to give thanks for Life and refuse to think of her ills. In three days the patient returned and felt better in her whole hand.  The client continued to see Catherine and before too long the list of healthy parts grew and grew.[3]

  1. Roxanne’s Success

Roxanne sought Jin Shin Jyutsu[4] with two bodily conditions to address: a type of cancer and a blood condition.  R had been acculturated to focus in on what was not going well (like so many of us). Seeing physicians often she took their grim tones and dire predictions to heart. She focused on being a sick person.

In the hands-on art of JSJ students are trained to view a client as already whole, not a pile of disharmonies. Roxanne chatted while she was receiving her hands-on treatment, soaking up the relaxation and the words and attitude of the practitioner.

Our heroine absorbed the message that she was mostly well. Her being was so much more than her diagnoses, and her contribution vaster than her current job. Roxanne loved this revelation and practiced it.

Early on R reported on her check up with the blood doctor:  the doctor was surprised to see her improved condition—since that physician had predicted rapid deterioration.

This client kept with these JSJ sessions. After a year or so she went into remission from the cancer. Rox knew deep down her change of attitude “Mostly well: Already Whole” had made an enormous contribution to the course of her condition. Our star has stayed well for years and continues to focus on wellness!

Thoughts to Remember

A. We have awesome power available to use for bringing ourselves back to balance: align our inner state to that of love, peacefulness and joy. Let’s bask in this!

B. We are wise to notice on what our attention is focused. Is it a list of complaints and worries? Instead, we can shift to a vision of the able bodied, harmonious state of our being that we prefer. We can notice all the myriad positive developments all around us.

Want to share some tales of how focusing your mind was part of your regime to heal a condition? Please know how your story contributes to the health of all of us! Thank you for telling us about it.

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2 Ponder, Catherine, The Dynamic Laws of Healing (West Nyack, NY: Parker Publishing Co, 1966)

3 Ibid , 99-100.

[4] See https://streamofyes.com/jin-shin-jyutsu/

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