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Living in the Stream of Yes

Not Taking it Personally


Some of us at one time may have thought less of ourselves because we were not getting attention from another. We create something we think is wonderful, and another ignores us.

Oh my! Did we take on the assumption, perhaps unconsciously, that our products have no merit? Did we start to think only if we had produced value would we get attention?

Dream Emerging, 24 x 30, Acrylic with Texture on Canvas, $395

If you are holding your self esteem to that measure, please take another look as you read the following.

The Violinist

The story goes that the Washington Post financed a social experiment. The plan called for a renowned violinist to play music in a subway station for an hour. The violinist had a hat out. Some folk going by threw something in the hat.  A few people stopped to listen for a couple of minutes.

A few times children stopped to listen but not for long. The mothers needed to get on with things and pulled them along to their destinations. The player did get some collections. He attracted $32.

The night before this fellow had performed in a major concert hall where patrons paid $100 per seat. The compositions were among the most challenging for this instrument, one valued at $3M. And his violin was the finest that money could buy.

The experiment showed that people do not stop to smell the roses: they don’t take the time to enjoy the beauty around them. Yes we can all see that!.

And more

Undoubtedly this violinist had plenty of confidence. The Post paid him well and then the musician moved on to rehearse for the next concert hall gig.

Let’s take a look at those of us more fledgling in our endeavors.

We might feel discouraged if we do not get appreciation for what we have produced. Now let’s put those self-deprecating thoughts juxtaposed with the crowd in the subway. Did it mean anything about the quality of the art when the worker bees rushed by? No!

Have we thought that we can rely on the judgment of others to tell us if we produce something of value? Like, “Surely someone would notice me and cheer me on.”

Let’s boot out this line of assessing ourselves! Let’s built our own inner feedback. Tune in and feel what fuels the creation.

Instead, feel into the joy that we feel creating what calls us. Yes! The folks metaphorically rushing by us are totally irrelevant. Anyone who throws a “downer” our way is in the midst of passing a chance to smell the roses.

Let’s carry on together!

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