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Notice, Rest, Change the Thought Part I


We are committed to this path of growth. So many of us are following the guidance put forth in these posts and feeling better as we grow. Noticing where our thoughts are running is such a key! If we don’t feel good, we decide to reach toward some glimpse of uplift, feeling better bit by bit.

Ernest Holmes led people in this way of thinking during the twentieth century and has many followers carrying on his work. The following passages form the centerpiece of this post.

In 365 Science of Mind Ernest Holmes wrote, “… Out of my personal experience come the negative suggestions that arise from the race consciousness. If I permit them to, they act as a mesmeric or hypnotic power over my imagination…. But I know that there is a Presence, a Power, and a Law within me, irresistibly drawing everything that makes life worthwhile into my experience. … I know that nothing but good can go out from me, therefore the good I receive is but the completion of a circle—fulfillment of my desire for all….

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So, I refuse to judge according to appearances, either mental or physical, no matter what the thought says or what the appearance seems to be. There is always a higher Power. Upon this Power I rely with absolute confidence that it will never fail me. I have dominion over all apparent evil, which is merely a belief in which I no longer indulge.” [1]

Learning to live into this understanding: we notice unwanted thoughts and feelings and shift. Below is one illustration. Other examples will follow in upcoming posts.

Gabrielle’s Story

Gabrielle had an unplanned visit from her landlord. He drove up, asked her a question about a health condition. When he did not like her response, he went on a long-winded speech about how he did not approve of a choice she had made and how he viewed the issue. He went on in an angry tone, a harangue, for at least 10 minutes. At one point he started to apologize for coming on so strong, and instead of making amends continued his monologue.  Gabrielle chose not to engage him, and he left fairly soon afterwards.

She had listened and found her patience. And she observed she felt tense, annoyed and yes, frightened by his remarks. Soon, G started to research local housing, starting a path to becoming more calm. Then she went on with her life, diving into activities she enjoyed.

The next day Gabrielle could sit with herself and review what she knew at a deeper level. As Holmes had asserted, she remembered the enormous, unstoppable Power of Good. In finding the rental opportunity where she now resides, she had turned her situation over to that Power.

In daydreaming G resonated with how wonderful she felt in receiving the guidance, protection and “the good find,” one fulfilling a list of features she wanted. Calling this up into present time, our star filled with a strong Positive Vibration. She had turned it over and been provided for and kept safe.

That power was still with her. Oh! So exhilarating to get grounded again into that!

Do you want to share a similar experience? Perhaps one where you again tapped into your strength of knowing the Force of Good? Please share. We connect and raise one another up!

[1] Holmes, Ernest, 365 Science of Mind (New York, Jeremy P. Tarcher/Penguin, 2001) 192

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