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Fun Assistance Popping


As we practice reaching for a positive attitude day to day, we can have the fun of assistance popping for us. Perhaps you have experienced the Parking Spot Fairy? Feeling good, we drive to where we are going and want a parking spot to show up for us. And it can happen often!

Finding Center, 20 x 24, $450

Story # 1

Kathy loves visiting the beach. She walks on the sand, splashes in the water: so rejuvenating and refreshing in the heat of summer.  On a whim she started driving toward water and then began to head for a well known beach further from her home than she usually drives.

When first Kathy looked for parking, she saw all the spaces taken, several lots and no luck. Paid parking cost a hefty $25. Hmmm,our heroine took charge of her point of view. What was she saying to herself? K heard a voice in her head shift to “It’s gonna work out!”

Pause, pause.

K drove around a bit and went up toward the ATM machine. Pop! There by the restaurant she found an empty space, just waiting for her!

This dear woman was so excited. Not only did she identify a spot but she knew her mood shift had been the key. K phoned this author to tell her story!

Story # 2

Maddy got out of the habit of finding parking near downtown since so much time had passed in the “focused at home” last year. The Friday activities were featured again so our star decided to check it out. She was even meeting a friend.

Would the parking places she often got still work that magic for her?

So often she felt happy and so often spots appeared for her.  “She’d be fine,” she thought.

Maddy drove straight to where she expected a spot and drum roll…. YES there was a place for her car—and it was plenty big enough for an easy parallel the curb maneuver.


Simple principle—feel good and expect some surprises and delights. Fun to experience that we are supported by Source Energy.

Want to share some illustrations from your life? Please comment! We are getting a roll with fun.

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