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The Habit of Appreciation


We have written recently about noticing our emotions. When less than good, pausing and then switching our focus to one that leads toward more relaxation and ease. Gosh sometimes that is not at all easy—even when having distracted myself, taken a rest.

We can prime ourselves toward more resilience if we cultivate appreciating our world—a lot. Allow the good feeling to roll! When we are in a state of cruising along in a good mood much of the time, a dip in attitude becomes some much easier to notice and handle. In that moment of tension, clench, flash of anger etc. that emotion fills the screen of our perception.

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We can build momentum to create a joyful life! What a thought! Then recovery is so much more fluid. We bounce back with panache.

We start our day waking to notice what a comfortable bed we have. A new day!

In this post we can learn a bit about a man named Ross Gay. Recently he published a work entitled, Book of Delights. This man spent a year going through his life looking for something that delighted him each day. Included is a link to an interview about his book.


At first Mr Gay thought it would require much keen focus, making himself remember to appreciate—at first it did. As the days proceeded he was surprised how much he got on a roll—he attracted more delights; Mr G built a habit to look for wonders and find them. H says, “My attention got cultivated.”  His life got richer in so many ways.

For him he awakened to how much he appreciated interchanges with other humans, each contact a treasure to mine. What if we played around with this practice?

Did you hear about the woman who started a sort of club where each one took a picture each day of something for which to be grateful? The folks who tried this got similar results. Participants felt so much happier. Check out this at http://365grateful.com/.

Would you like to develop more resilience with the vagaries of living? Maybe you would like to experiment with a habit of appreciating.

Then when something unwanted happens, we find that our tools function so much more fluidly and quickly. Soon—did we have a problem? I hardly recall… but look at that tree in the breeze!

Want to comment? Please share results of your adventures with these ideas on this blog! Life is so good!

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