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Miraculous Power of Intending


Isn’t it enriching to practice using the power of intention? Read here about how one woman used personal power of intention to go after something important to her:

The Notice to Leave

The owners where Maven rented asked her to find another place to live.  There had been no lease and they gave no specific deadline. 

View at Graves Mill, 16 x 20, $475

View at Graves Mill, 16 x 20, $475

Immediately M set her intention– find a satisfying new home. With that our heroine affirmed her connection to Source and the protection available to her. She wanted to assume the best, to live with an open and loving heart, to have courage.

Each morning she offered quiet focus on what she wanted, why she wanted it and called up the soothing feeling of connection.

In those early days she knew her inner child was not completely lined up:  she got waves of anxiety. She felt pressure and some fear of the unknown. The prices for rentals were higher than she expected; she worried whether  she could afford to stay in the town where she lived now.

With commitment each day M searched craigslist and other housing sites.


Early in June, the land people requested Maven clear storage areas and remove possessions (not big pieces of furniture) for  carpet cleaning. Accomplishing this required a significant move effort to storage.

Late in the month she got busy visiting vacancies and evaluating them for rental. Some required a possible room mate so she engaged one woman for that possibility.

Accompanied by a woman friend she traveled many miles to view a property one steamy afternoon. The potential rent share would meet them there.  Just before finding it, our star pulled over in distress. Lost, discouraged, hot and emotional, she spoke out her upset, waving her arms a bit as she did– for about three minutes.

Recovering on they went  to the property nearby and looked it over. They all nixed it.


That evening M read about a protagonist who had been terribly injured and lay in pain. His friend told him: we will pray you to live.

Inside Maven an insight flashed. Previously she had felt so alone and terrified.  “Release this pressure! Turn over this situation,” cried a voice in the head of our dear one.  She would surrender it immediately and trust her divine help.

Voila! M was able to do it: shift to put focus on how wonderful it felt to receive help and to reside in a delightful new residence. She basked in it!  Our star impressed herself that she was capable of dropping the fear and  tuning into the vibes of  success.

Then for another few weeks she kept looking.  Maven was cool and business like, finding some possibles, making appointments and going out to view the good ones. She searched locally and in the next city where rentals were more affordable.

Good News

One early morning our heroine found a favorable ad, a decent price, in the town where she preferred to settle.  When she got there, she immediately liked the owner. After the tour, M went down her list of what she wanted: plenty of light, sufficient space, laundry facilities, decent storage, some way to handle and lawn work. Check, check, check. OMG!

The rental agreement was signed the next day. Success! Such a sweet place, where she wanted it, meeting the requirements she had.

Maven knew the inner work mattered big time. Her releasing of the deep fear felt so key.  Despite beginning triggered with terror our Dear One pursued the steps of intention and used her power to find a new home.

Do you have a story of success to share? What have you intended to create and did? Please comment and inspire us all.

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