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Again and again do you return to a good mood? I do. I put my focus on fun: some conjured from memory and some from this now moment. There is pay off for keeping vibration aloft– below read one kind of example:

First Part 

Green Snake Diptych 30 x 40s, $995

Green Snake Diptych 30 x 40s, $995

Celana, a friend, loves being inspired; she looks for good and finds it. About 8 months ago she was ill and asked for help. I offered her some Jin Shin Jyutsu, the healing art I practice. How wonderful for both of us she benefited from it!

When she learned about this blog, she started to read some entries. Since then, she reads it regularly and reports on how her spirits are lifted by each post. What great fun for me to read her comments!

Meanwhile, I am blessed knowing folks who offer me some good quality discarded items. Not too long ago, I received a substantial bag of lovely hand me down clothing. First I put aside some treasures for myself. Unfortunately, the person donating had the audacity to be born with a coloring very different from my own– that woman wears beige and it flatters her.

Beige is not “my color.”– therefore one of the tops looked ghastly against my face.  What to do? Instead of consignment or charity, I realized that garment would look really good on Celana.

Here is the thing: I don’t see Celana in person that often, and a couple of visits came and went with my forgetting the bag with the offering. Oops.

I forgave myself and held onto it.

This past week I was organizing and found it tucked in a corner. Very cool: another chance to visit her was coming very soon, and I put that top into my vehicle.

That bag was in my hand as I walked into the room to meet our heroine. Hooray!

Drum roll– Smiling big time she grinned at me as the garment was revealed. Wow her face radiated- it was a hit!

The next day on Facebook I learned for heaven’s sake she was celebrating her birthday. Oh my!

So I had gotten around to bringing in this item for our star the day before her birthday-by “chance.”

Second Part

During that conversation she recounted the nifty opportunity she had lined up for me. Celana had been working with a talented woman learning some new therapeutic modalities. Our star had received some free sessions as her contact studied for certification.

Now the healer was pursing another diploma and needed more practice clients.  Celana had referred me.

If that therapist thought I was a match to what she wanted, I would be eligible for three free sessions in this mind/body healing. What fun! “What a great chance for me,” I thought.

So in the next couple of days, I got accepted as a client. As we discussed schedule, I would be slated to start the week of October 22– that is my birthday week.  An expected birthday gift was heading my way.

Neither Celana nor I had intended to share birthday gifts. Isn’t it delightful to notice somehow that exchange was manifested! We both loved what we got  and also loved the serendipity flowing! What a kick!

Point to Readers:

Appreciate what you can in the moment.

Bask in the Good Pouring In, Around and Through.

Watch for what the Universe offers you–Notice and enjoy the surprises.

Attend to your focus and wield this remarkable power!

Do you feel moved to share some of what you notice? Please comment. What we voice uplifts all of us!



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