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Miracles and Appreciation


Swimmers, 24 x 30, $595

Swimmers, 24 x 30, $595

Are you wanting to maintain a focus on feeling good?  To that end, it’s so useful to appreciate whatever is around you, whatever you can conjure! I bask in the sunshine after weeks of rain.

When I play with appreciating, I build new neural pathways in my brain. The more pathways,

the easier it is to look for things I enjoy and find them.  I stoke my engine of positive vibrations. This welcomes events that seem miraculous.

As I build momentum with this practice, all manner of Good flows to me.  Below read an example from Dahlia’s life:

Several years ago Dahlia led an effort to salvage a rental space. Would her group have to vacate the premises? For months one suite member had been communicating with the landlord with frequent complaints about the HVAC, both temperature in the offices and the size of the heat bill. In between missives there was bad mouthing of management, at times using the term “slum lord’ privately with the renting group.

At one point those renting the suite had an internal meeting. Visualizing a bleak future of increasing costs with no improvements in the situation, most of the members decided to find other accommodations. In addition to the HVAC system complaints, the suite was rented as one unit with nine offices so that when one office was vacant those occupied had to cover the rent for any empty space.  Renters got frightened of a financial burden as some were leaving, and then more baled.

Folks in two offices, Dahlia among them, preferred to continue here. How could they arrange to stay? No way could the remaining tenants cover rent for five rooms!

Dahlia decided to see potential here instead of “ruin.”  How could she tap into infinite possibilities? First of all, she began visualizing remaining in the suite and enjoying it.

Then, in coordination with those who wanted to continue renting, she carefully crafted correspondence to the landlord explaining the problem and the desire to stay. The first and subsequent letters emphasized every positive feature of the building, location, current situation was articulated. That note was loaded with praise for the space. It felt good writing it, appreciating all those attributes.

Meanwhile over about a month’s time and between the letters, Dahlia thought about how much she enjoyed many aspects of her life,  how much she had to enjoy. This focus was fun.  Our star felt good during that month and that was satisfying.

Additionally, Dahlia felt calm about what might come. Despite the risk of needing to find new accommodations,  she felt that would work out fine if  it came to pass.

After the letters those who wanted to stay met with the landlord and his office manager. At that point there was little indication that their cause would prevail.

The results of that session wowed everyone.  The building owner offered an enormous level of generosity and positive solutions for the situation, ones better than imagined. Outcomes included a new leasing arrangement so the empty rooms were not the responsibility of those remaining, a flat utility fee as created to handle fluctuations of heating costs, no increases for a year and more.

When the meeting ended, the landlord who owns  a multitude of office parks and other businesses stated, “That was the most positive meeting I have ever experienced!”

As she walked away, Dahlia knew that she had tapped into the awesome power of appreciation. This outcome felt miraculous!

Points to Take Away:

  1. Appreciating works well to maintain a positive focus.
  2. Enjoy appreciating for its own sake.
  3. Make it ok whatever happens.
  4. Let miracles flow to you.

Why not experiment with appreciating? At a minimum you will uplift your spirits.   Observe what happens both inside yourself and in the world.

What else happens? Please let me know how it goes in the comments. I love to hear from you.


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