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View Into Town, NFS

View Into Town, NFS

Have you had an unanticipated delight? “Wow that was so cool,” you cry.  Grace finds us– don’t you want to be ready? Here are some examples:

First Example

Early one morning I took a quick look out my window.

The light was rising; the sky was clear; it was brightening, a pleasant unremarkable scene.

I turned to checking email. In a few minutes I felt an impulse to turn my head back to the window. Gazing, I drew in my breath feeling astonishment. The horizon line was bright with oranges and yellows. As my eyes rose, I beheld layers of color, purples in stripes, all through the clouds. The sky was completely infused with color. It tickled my fancy, extraordinary!

Second Example

About twenty years ago I experienced a similar effect. Readying for the commute, I took a quick glance out the window, a fine day, a morning light that was pleasant and ordinary. Soon after, I stood in the driveway scraping ice from my windshield and felt a pull to look up to the heavens. Wow! I gazed and my mouth fell open: a sunrise brilliant with strong mauve, oranges, yellows and pink. This was no pastel view of sky: these colors were intense and vibrant. The vista was so unexpected…

How innocently I had looked outside to see an average morning. I had no idea what delight was in store.  I was about to be infused with Grace and there had been no sign. Isn’t that something to notice?  That fabulous events show up without warning.

These days I want to feel good so I perceive the bounty offered: I watch for good things to unfold in my experience.  I want to attract delightful experiences, and bit by bit I do.

One More

I drive the main road to the nearest city where I take classes, do errands and more. One December morning I came upon a familiar scene: a large field, barn and trees behind. On this day there was a fog and the view was one of awesome beauty. A voice in my head demanded I stop and take that picture.  The shots were effortless once out of my car. I was infused with awe that morning.

Months later I was inspired to submit photos to the calendar contest run by the local monthly paper.  I had others in mind to submit and right before I sent them I recalled this photo and included it.  It won a calendar page.  The whole atmosphere around this picture felt like grace.

Take Away:

Look around for beauty and find it!

Know that surprises await you in many forms.

Feel satisfied and be ready.

I would dearly love to hear some of the wonderful things that arrive to delight you. Please comment.

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