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What do you tell yourself in the face of many global events that you do not like to see? How could one uplift oneself in light of all this?

Recently, I had a visit with a friend named Zanna, she worried about “the country” including many political developments .

Sea Green Glory, 24 x 30, SOLD

Sea Green Glory, 24 x 30, SOLD

In addition this dear one was concerned about global warming.  I listened with compassion.

After a few minutes I told her I did have a very different point of view, so divergent from hers that I hesitated talking about it. ( I do not want to argue. I realize that pushing against anything or anyone is not an effective strategy of persuasion.) To my surprise, she encouraged me to express my thoughts: she was open to hearing it.  With gusto I shared what I tell myself.

Here is what I believe that uplifts me:

  1. The Incredible Power of Well Being

The planets are aligned in their orbit, amazingly arranged in the heavens in a sacred geometric relationship to one another.  Forces of Good prevail.  Injuries and wounds heal. So much entropy towards wholeness. Nothing is going wrong.

To Zanna I recited this prayer I created to help me heal from lyme:

 Janet’s Prayer for Healing

The Force that Aligned the Planets and Keeps them in their Orbit

The Power That Arranged the Planetary Paths in Sacred Geometry

The Force that Infuses Life into Every Leaf on Every Tree

The Force that Creates Every Creature that Walks this Earth

That Force Courses through MY Veins,

Is that Force of Good daunted by a few lyme spirochete? Ha!

  1. The Earth is fine.

There will be changes and they are adjustments that come easily.

Nothing that humans have to fix, Nothing is going wrong. We are ok.

  1. Eye on What is Going Well

I do love reading good news network every morning.

Regular readers know that I make lists of what I appreciate morning and night- and during the day too. For what I am grateful in my own life and in the world.

As a practice,  I skip the regular news for the most part.

I want to marshal the power I have to live a life of fun, passion, purpose and satisfaction.

Zanna’s Reaction

I had no idea how my friend would react. This heroine reported getting the chills at the recitation of the Prayer for Healing.

She admitted she had been thinking she wanted to fast from or at least decrease taking in the news.

As the dear one rose to part, she basked in feeling alot better after this conversation. Zanna exclaimed that she enjoyed herself so much.  Graciously and with enthusiasm, this friend thanked me for this exchange.

If we pay attention to where we focus our thoughts, we can steer our feelings toward satisfaction again and again.

Want to ask a question or tell how you raise your spirits? Please comment. Sharing your story helps us all.



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