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Feeling Good Multiplies


When we practice feeling good on a daily basis, we attract surprises and delights from the Universe. We multiply the things we can appreciate. Please read this true account.

Harriet immediately felt tense as she noticed mice droppings in her office cubicle. Her office had an area behind a bamboo screen where she kept office type things out of sight of her massage table for bodywork. “Oh No!” thought she.

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Yes our heroine briefly felt some distress. As she rose on the day designated for dealing with this, Harriet spent time getting herself in to a feel good place. So much to be grateful for and this small blip would not stop her.

Soon Harriet was ready to address the evidence, clean the area, and find solutions. Her car loaded with supplies, H went over to the office and spent an hour clearing, disposing, sorting, and cleaning, a first pass at what was needed.

As she returned the vacuum into her car, this star thought with a smile, “I feel like a treat; I am heading into this mission store on the ground floor of my office.”

First thing after entering, the woman stationed at the front desk offered a friendly greeting. H responded, “Hi there! I have space upstairs. I am not usually here on this day of the week. Good to meet you.”

In this chat, this dear woman explained the healing art she offered and the store manager, Kara, listened eagerly. K asked about the cost of the Jin Shin Jyutsu. At $85 a session K told her it was a lot for her budget. H stated she would work with her on the price.

In a flash, Harriet offered to put hands on for pain relief for a few minutes and this was accepted. Kara and Harriet sat quietly in a small private space as H applied her hands in a certain way to K’s ankles, about five minutes each side.

While H held the ankles, she quietly spoke with Kara about how other bodily symptoms, treatments and the activities K’s life right now. H appreciated how well K was doing, how much she offered and how important her self-care was for herself, her family and all the people she touched with her several jobs, volunteer services, and more.  Kara soaked up the attention touch, words and atmosphere.

After a bit, H felt a shift and removed her hands. “Do you feel any different,” H asked of Kara. “Yes,” shared K, “When your hands are on, it was like a flow of Radiant Goodness went up from my heel to my toes. I felt that on both sides. The pain comes when I put weight on the feet. I do feel more relaxed.”

Kara thanked Harriet. And they each went about their next steps. H felt so good from the interaction with Kara.

Harriet still had not browsed in the store. H perused a rack, found something of interest. She tried on a top and decided to go for it. Up the aisle, our star stepped to the front desk. “I would like to buy this.” Harriet smiled at Kara, “How much do I owe you?” K looked up the price.

H went into her purse to pull out the payment. Kara paused, “I want to get this for you! I can afford this!”

Then, both Harriet and Kara got an extra boost in feeling good! Gifts freely offered by two dear ones who want to multiply Goodness.

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