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Ease Into Next Step


Many of us want to “get ahead,” build some new business or skill. From the culture around us we take in that “working hard” is required. “Surely this requires much effort, “ we think. Not in this new way of being. Let’s look at how ease and flow can lead us to success.

One Woman’s Story

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Camilla currently practices one healing art and she feels called to another. She knows she wants more money, but …

In a recent conversation, she shared how she wants to get certified. Peppered through our talk ” I don’t know if I can…” Up to this point she had the habit of running thoughts of self doubt.

Help from a Wise Friend

A wise friend of hers pointed out what is already flowing for her.

“Gosh,” said the friend, “Let’s notice:”

1. Camilla met Kate, a woman already certified in the new field. They have begun meeting to trade sessions. It was thrilling that Camilla, the beginner, facilitated Kate to experience a big release and insight.

2. Camila drove over to assist when a friend called in distress. C is  practicing already and seeing positive results.

3. Another more advanced person is sending her a set of training cds in this modality that Camilla may borrow and study.

4. C’s friend Kate directed her to audio recordings on this art.

5. On her own Camilla found a program of online information, free and current.

New Perspective

“Look how well it is already flowing!” the wise one declared, “You are already getting to your goal, bit by bit. It may feel like the goal to achieve is way ahead, let’s notice that clearly you are well on your way.”

Talking with this advisor, C realized wow she was already attracting plenty to learn, digest and grow!  As she realized more and more that she can trust this process, she could take heart in this impressive bounty flowing to her.  And she started to feel better right then. She can do this!

Relish this thought:

We don’t need to push hard. We can slow way down on reviewing the doubting thoughts.

Instead, let’s expect ease,  enjoy what is presenting and fill  our minds with appreciation of this good flowing to us.

As the new art flows to her, she is transformed with new attitudes, skills in gratitude and confidence.

We can TRUST that we want can come to us. We can allow ourselves to RELAX.


Find satisfaction now


Feel good


Focus on gratitude

Recognize the flow.

Wow letting a goal pop. Envisioning help. Seeing it. Delight and Ease as stuff we want shows up. Hee Haw!  What a change from that cultural training!

Have comments or questions? Want to send a story of yours? Please comment in the browser version.  We can show one another how this is possible. Be easy about all this!

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