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Calm Fear, See the Good



Sea Marsh I, 16 x 20, $475

Sea Marsh I, 16 x 20, $475

Isn’t it powerful to calm ourselves when we get upset! We can then see that Good has been flowing all along and that help is on the way. Please read this example.

Setting the Scene

Candace planned an 

exhibit of photographs with great enthusiasm. In contact withthe venue, she communicated with the coordinator to learn what system of hanging would be used in the show. “The space has a ridge from which the artist adds hooks and uses fishline to hang the work.”

The day to create the arrangement arrived. C arrived laden with bags of art and hanging apparatus scissors, stapler, hooks, tape and more.

Greeted by the organizer, getting settled, our artist looked around at the place to get her bearings.

The Blip

The show will hang in three rooms.  In the middle room no ridge from which to hang fishline was available ( nor did the cement wall take hooks).  Responding to her query, the coordinator informed her that she would have to use one of the 3M Adhesive products from the Command Damage Controlling Line.

Our heroine is not familiar with these products and does not consider herself handy. The opening was the next day. Suddenly, Candace felt very tense.

Receiving instructions to go to a nearby store, C went off to acquire needed product. She bought something, her best guess of what was available, came back.  What she purchased did not do the job, its

adhesive not strong enough for this task. Our star got more anxious.

Meanwhile the coordinator had gone out on a client call.  Candace turned to another venue staff, Elise, to request assistance.  At first Elise grumbled, “I thought you knew how to hang art shows.” C’ s jaw tightened and she reached for composure.

Signs of Solution

In another few breaths, this second staffer remembered a solution that worked in a past exhibit. E agreed to put in hooks along the window frames by tomorrow for the use of our dear one.

Filled with unease, C left and stopped to get an additional 3M product that she thought might work– in case she needed it. It was expensive but she felt under the gun.

Awareness of Inner Life

At home over night Our heroine felt tense and worried. “OMG the exhibit is not yet complete!” She called a friend for support.

While sharing, Candace realized that it is highly likely that this staffer will put in those hooks as she committed.  Elise wants the opening to go well and look good. Oh My C had been picturing things going bad ( which resulted in her upsetting herself) when actually all could go quite easily.

Once those hooks are in place, the remainder of the display is easy to assemble. As she calmed herself,  she realized she would shift now. For heaven’s sake, she could trust Good to flow.


The next day C texted the coordinator to check whether the hooks were in place and ready for the hanging solution. They were!

Midday our star went to finish the exhibit and all went well. In fact she got additional unexpected assistance to get the show in place.  Near opening start time, yet more aid came her way to fit more photos on the walls.

For part of a day, Candace’s distress blinded her from seeing that the problem was being easily solved. She had gotten triggered and was flooded with feeling isolated and afraid. Meanwhile Good was right there, assistance coming quickly in unexpected forms.

Won’t it be helpful for each of us to notice what we are feeling? Then when we observe our perspective is clouded when upset, we can pause till calm returns. It is so worthwhile to find balance before drawing conclusions or acting on what appear to be problems.

Isn’t it fun to notice how we can be blind to what grace has already bestowed? I love knowing that I can trust Life more than I formerly believed.

Do you recall some incident from your life where something similar happened? Want to share? Please comment! We uplift one another!






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