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Balance When Facing Scary Diagnosis


Have you ever wanted to be the strong supportive one for another who received a scary diagnosis? This post is about what thoughts might encourage both of you.

Recently a woman named Cally asked me, “How do I support a loved one who is diagnosed with a potentially life threatening illness?”

Cally’s sister had just received a diagnosis that frightened them both.  Living into the teachings that these posts promote, Cally reached out for advice.

When I offer assistance, I offer wisdom as I have learned from my own living life.

Finding Center, 20 x 24, $450

Finding Center, 20 x 24, $450

Reports on Recoveries from Similar Illnesses

I am inspired by the success of others. Locally I know a friend who was diagnosed with a cancer that is often deadly. That woman crafted a treatment plan of natural alternatives ,ones she felt were right for her, instead of the conventional medicine of chemotherapy and radiation,   After the research, her intuition led her to choices for therapies, diets and more. The journey lasted over two years.  It has now been ten years since this dear one celebrated test results showing no evidence of recurrence.

Books are available filled with recovery stories including tools for the journey. Among them is Radical Remissions by Kelly Turner.

Strengths to Develop

In order to meet some unwanted circumstance, what am I learning to do?

When I have walked a path of living with an unwanted medical label, I have learned to get more disciplined at eating in a healthy way. I have stuck to routines of napping, exercising, meditating and more, thereby strengthening the ability to change habits and making it more likely to keep on track for health maintenance regimes going forward.

Examples of other strengths I might gain: pausing before speaking to ensure a balanced sentence; foregoing extra drama in reporting; feeling self pity, or getting really good at gin rummy. I can feel better noticing the ways I enhance your skills during this time.

I love observing what I have added to my tool kit on this health adventure.

Become Aware of What Attitudes to Shift and to Practice More Optimistic Ones.

When I feel fear, I can observe what thoughts are running. Wait a minute! When I pause, I can see that I have outdated beliefs and past hurts to heal. I get to know myself better than before. From this crisis I grow and increase my thriving.

Leaning on and Finding Faith

I feel resonance with Forces of Good. Putting more attention on that Something Greater than Myself comforts and inspires me in times of unease.

I call in assistance using expressions like “Source has my back,” “Well Being Pours Down,” “I surrender,” “In God we trust.”

Seeing The Loved One as Whole Now

When in a similar circumstance, I have envisioned my loved one as he or she was designed, their blueprint as perfect human, whole and complete.  To hold that image, I breathe and feel the balance and calm in my own body, a kind of prayer for healing.

I found it to be a good occupation for my mind, one that is constructive for both my loved one and me.

Did offering this benefit Cally? She left our session with a calmer demeanor. Walking her out, she turned to tell me she felt so much better. She saw what she can contribute to her loved one’s journey and was eager to get busy doing it.

Good Story? What resonates with you? I love reading your comments.



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