Janet Pearlman

Living in the Stream of Yes

Angel Kisses Abound


Yes, wise people have said through the ages: “When we put out good, Good flows back to us.” Or “What you sow, so shall you reap.” Have we paid attention and noticed what comes to us? Let’s review one amazing story.


Avalon Spring I, 16 x 20, Acrylic, $375

Mary attended an event at a kitchen showroom billed in the invitation as a launch party for an associate. She thought it quite possible she would not know a soul and sure enough on first arriving, people she met were new to her.

Then Kat, the owner of the business, came over to say hello. K had offered her an art show 4 years ago before the company moved. Greeting the owner, Mary wanted to thank Kat again for letting her art grace the walls of this enterprise. “That was so kind of you,” said M.

The business woman responded, “No problem, our pleasure. Would you like to show art in this new space?” M felt surprise and delight!

Acceptance and Beginning

Graciously Mary accepted the generous invitation. Before too long M discovered that Kat wanted a show put together within a month.

K’s vision was to have beautiful art hanging in the kitchen showroom, high ceilings, open spaces, now brightened by all that color, and then hold an event to attract folk in to showcase both the company and the art.

The owner assigned the administrative staff to work with M and soon the planning was underway. Days whizzed by: the planning meeting, the date to start hanging, another day to complete the exhibit, including adjustments to the level of the pieces and then work on the reception itself. This staff worked hard to create a classy opening.

The Event

The day arrived.  The art displayed elegantly. There were decorations like for a wedding—lemon and magnolia leaves, jars of lemons, sterling silver serving dishes and perhaps the piece de resistance ice sculptures which contained lemon and magnolia leaves featured in the frozen wonders: balls for the bin of beverages and even a wine cooler creation.

The business sponsored the refreshments including wine. Friends of both the artist and the business began to arrive at the appointed time. Soon many were impressed by the beauty of the space, the art, the decorations, the food and drink.

Mary thoroughly enjoyed the reception. She spoke individually with each guest, circulating, responding to questions and comments about the art. Several inquired how had Mary gotten connected with this business.

M told the story—the going to the launch party, expressing thanks to Kat. In that moment Kat deciding to show art again in the space….

An hour or so after the cleanup, guests departed, Mary fell silent in awe. Look at what had happened here. How HAD she gotten connected to this celebration, this awe-some opportunity to share with friends?

Amazing good had flowed to her with so little effort on her part. Wow Angel Kisses Abound!

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