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Living in the Stream of Yes

A Flow of Miracles


We can attract what we want more easily, when we feel as though we already have it. As we feel clear and inspired, more and more we see Good everywhere around us with this focused perceptive lens.

The Flow of Miracles

Bright Future II, 24 x 30, $595

In the last week, Jenna listened to a recording where Abraham was encouraging listeners to speak of what was going well and practice remaining focused on that.  “Oh,” thought Jenna, “I can definitely up my game in that area. I have been paying way too much attention to what I see in life that I don’t want. I will notice more at what I look and then review what has already come to me.”

In just a few days J started seeing things show up for her.

  1. Jenna had bought walking sticks for more self support on mountain trails. Her friend had recommended them, helped her fix the height and took a first hike with her. On the second walk, a man came up behind the two of them on the path also with hiking poles. The man showed Jenna how to use the straps to increase the support she got. (The friend had hesitated to offer that tip because someone else resisted that information.) When the friend apologized, Jenna said, “Well I got the key data anyway—delivered by serendipity! “
  2. Our star attracted two new yoga students and it turned out both could come only on a very part time basis. Hey J wanted a full time new student. In antoher day into her inbox pops a message of someone she knows who wants to join the class!
  3. Our heroine was given a lovely birthday dinner by a friend. As they toured the friend’s garden that day, Jenna saw a healthy sage plant and declared that hers had not made it. About a week later, J was working in her yard. The way she was working had her walk toward her garden from an unusual direction. There growing out of the side of a bin where she put weeds to be composted was a sage plant. “OMG,” thought J, “That clever sage plant had thrived in a totally unexpected way. I DO have a sage plant!”
  4. The protagonist wanted another audiobook from the library service. She was curious to find something new, a book that would entertain her in a new way. During the browsing, J spied a title that caught her attention, Miss Benson’s Beetle by Rachel Joyce. What a find! This dear woman enjoyed the story from early in the pages and delighted in the 12 hours of listening involved. This novel contained many spiritual lessons and showed the reader what it is like to live in the moment, grow from experiences and open the heart in unconditional love. What a gift of a discovery!
  5. Jenna watches youtube on her smart tv in lieu of receiving a broadcast station or cable tv. In this account that evening she was roaming for something that tickled her fancy. Ok she searched for free movies with Sandra Bullock. Up came a few.  One caught her eye and onto it J clicked. “Where did you go, Bernadette?”  She had never heard of that movie. Well that movie had nothing to do with Sandra Bullock. But, what a good time she had watching this flick. It featured a highly intelligent and talented woman who was unhappy and causing some trouble. In finding her way the star found an outlet for her genius, her next big project and all the characters cheer her on. Again, what a totally unexpected gift!

Believe it or not, all these situations showed up in about 5 days after deciding to notice the Good in life. Want to run an experiment!

What a gift to ourselves! Please report in and share all that good stuff pouring in, around and through!

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