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Soothe Self and Rebalance


What shall we do when we find ourselves feeling hurt by another’s comments? Like when another person cuts us off, steals the stage and draws the group’s attention to themselves. When that happens, we can soothe ourselves, rebalance and let it go. And maybe the Universe assists more than we anticipated. Read about that here:

The Incident

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Marcy was attending a certain spiritual group regularly. She relished participating in the discussion portion of the meeting, an opportunity for each attending to process his or her thinking on the session’s lecture and how to apply it to daily living.

One woman, Ramsey, was sharing her frustration with a change she wanted to make. Marcy had experienced a desire for something similar, had done inner work to prepare for that change and succeeded. M enthusiastically wanted to share her experience. With care she spoke in the group wanting not only to convey her “what happened” but also to create a compassionate and supportive vibration in her delivery.

In the process of her sharing, another member wanted to “adjust” something she had said. M made a comment to discourage him, and he continued anyway.  Outwardly, our star did not protest. Inside M felt very disheartened that her point was lost. With that, the tone and mood she had wanted to create (in order to assist Ramsey) was altered.

Our star felt wounded and angry. She flowed along for the remainder of the gathering. Then she took a breather from that group as she put focus on rebalancing.

Soothing Process

As she sat with herself, Marcy recognized she had been tense in her life. Having taken on a special project for a few months that challenged her, she had been reaching for a new level of confidence. Yes she had felt some “off kilter” that comes with venturing beyond her comfort zone.

This dear woman told herself:

“That person who spoke meant no harm. He just wanted to express himself.”

“I have much to contribute: I have and I will again.” 

“My future is bright.”

 “I tune to Forces of Good right now.”

“I am fine here and now.”

Taking the time she needed, Marcy flowed with her process and eventually got back to attending those meetings, grounded and happy. She had let go of all that. This heroine had rebalanced. AHHH

More Satisfaction

After another little while, one day at a meeting she and Ramsey were standing around the hot drinks area chatting. One thing led to another and then M found herself telling the incident in her life that paralleled what Ramsey was going through. This time Marcy was able to deliver her message in a soothing, compassionate and upbeat tone.

 “It was ok to relax into her process, to trust that what she needs will be provided.

 It was ok to focus on good and allow the process to unfold.”

As it was time to part, Ramsey shared that she had never heard that story before. Her face changed, she felt lighter and more optimistic.

Marcy took a moment to realize this gift. She had a second chance to help. She felt satisfied and happy. Spirit had handled it! Miraculous unfolding.

Do you have some techniques you use to rebalance?

Do you have a story of second chances and success?

Please share! Helps us all to know miracles easily pop!

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