Janet Pearlman

Living in the Stream of Yes

Talking Ourselves Down from the Edge


We all acknowledge that we have moments of upset. Even those on the path of more empowerment experience times of unwanted habits of thoughts running, perhaps anger or fear. This piece shows the process of how to grab the reins of that bucking inner horse and return to an easy trot through life.

A Chart to Help

Following Impulse, 24 x 30, Acrylic with Texture, $525

Over her lifetime Gerry had often offered assistance to others. She had gotten attention in her family by catering to the needs of others—so she did that quite often. Now she was practicing to create herself to be more balanced—and that would involve lots of care for herself into the mix.

In this account our heroine catches herself leaning too much toward a caretaking agenda and beginning to feel neglected herself. “Wait a Minute!” Gerry exclaimed inside, “I want to change my thinking right now.”  How to do it?

This dear woman grabbed writing materials and made a table with two columns.

In the left column our star recorded the distressing thoughts that were flowing through her mind right now.

In the right one, G stepped into the role of counselor, as though she was assisting another, and steered toward what she really knew and wanted to embody.

On the left: “I am afraid I am running a habit involving the care-taker role. I have held my own needs back and focused on the needs of others. I am distressed to notice this,” thought Gerry.

On the right: “It is ok to have habits from the past. Deep patterns take a while to change. It is ok to see and know this piece of myself.

I am part of Good, and I cannot separate myself from it. This means protection for me!

I take care of myself easily and well. All is well.” Soothed G.

On the left: “I feel angry and afraid.

In the past I did not care for myself as well as I might have. Am I getting anywhere? These habits are back!”

On the right: “It is ok to observe behavior of a habit. Habits change bit by bit.

Now I am learning to live in more ease and balance. Happy much of the time, this demonstrates progress for sure!

I am on a human journey experiencing and growing, safeguarding my own needs. I craft my lessons into words that assist others. That feels great!

I participate in an expanding universe. As I feel something I don’t want, I gain clarity on what I do want.”

Gerry paused and realized she did feel less fear and anger now. Her breath came more readily. Oh good! Our protagonist had returned to the present.


Gerry wanted to feel better for herself. G had been upset after interacting with a certain person.  As the Good would Flow, though Gerry had not contacted this person at all regarding her feelings, the friend in this story wrote in the next day and appeared to have shifted her position toward greater harmony with G. Isn’t it fun to notice that a change inside our star had an effect outside her on another.

Please delight us all and share a story from your life where you calmed yourself down.  We stay connected and inspire one another easily. YAY!

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