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Living in the Stream of Yes

Living the Spirit of Christmas All Year Long


During the Christmas season some folks feel more joy than usual; they put focus on beaming love to their family and friends, maybe their communities and beyond.

Many put their focus on feeling good—repeat slogans like “Peace on Earth, Goodwill to Men”

In these posts we read about our personal power to create our lives so that we experience these good spaces very often, much of the time. Perhaps this represents the essence of  what has attracted so many of readers here: Living the Spirit of Christmas All Year Long.

Flowers II, 24 x 30, acrylic on canvas, $595

What are the steps again?

  1. Notice what we are feeling.
  2. If not feeling good, to what can I shift my focus to feel better?
  3. If we feel quite poorly, how can we distract ourselves diving into the flow of life?
  4. When we are balance, what can we appreciate?
  5. We can stoke our own tank with the wonder of life.
  6. Then act in life filled with the inspiration that easily comes to us when we feel good. No big effort.

When we focus ourselves on good, good things flow to us. 😊

On purpose we perceive Innocence and Good

Dottie attended a family meal with a friend’s extended family. One woman Mattie, a cousin aged in her 50’s, felt drawn to share about herself. Mattie sells her art and makes a decent living from it. “Isn’t it great that you have persisted to reap the pay offs you have now?” remarked Dot.

Dottie exclaimed, “How wonderful that you express beauty and others get to have it in their homes.You contribute so much!” D told her. “Your steps to overcome obstacles have enriched the whole world!” Mattie felt delighted to receive that perspective.

Our star Dottie easily shared this positive feedback, seeing a bigger picture of Good.  For D this view flowed through her effortlessly.

In our current culture so many of us have been trained from early childhood to assess whether we are right or wrong, good or bad. (We dearly want to be viewed as Good.)

Closely related, many of us want to avoid feeling “not good” and are trained with guilt a-ready and armed with blame for others or ourselves.

What a powerful balm to hold out innocence to those we contact, to reflect to them that they are ok as they are in this moment.

In the process of walking through life looking for the Good in others, we are training ourselves to increase our capacity for seeing positive more easily.

The more we expect to see Good, the more we do, and the more and more Good stuff flows to us without effort. What a powerful win-win!

Bottom line: why do it? We find it feels fabulous to see the Good. And Good flows to use as we feel wonderful.

In today’s world in most social circles, we make a transformative contribution when we speak the Good of others. Our words forge a meaningful connection to anyone with whom you share them.

Ring in the New Year with a Resolution to Increase Your awareness of Good and speak it. Please share some of what you notice with us here!

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