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Success with Intention


We know that we can marshal our power to fulfill our wishes. How to do it? Get clear what we want, work inside till we feel as happy as we will when we have it, relax and let the universe provide. Since we are already feeling good, the time required becomes less important because we already feel good! Review this example.


Following Impulses III, 24 x 30, $595

Horatia needed a new place to live. At first there was a loose deadline as the owners where she currently rented were not requiring a near term move-out.

In the first contemplation of the move, our heroine had felt some worry.  Mastering her emotions more and more she reached for feeling better. H began pursuing ads on craigslist and other housing sites, clear that she would find a satisfying new home.

Horatia affirmed her connection to Source and the protection available to her. She wanted to assume the best, to live with an open and loving heart, to have courage.

Each morning she practiced a soothing feeling of divine protection. In her heart she could feel some doubt, lingering fear of “no where to go,” and when noticing, shifted back to feeling the best she could moment to moment.

Early in June, the land people requested H clear storage areas and remove possessions (not big pieces of furniture) for carpet cleaning. Accomplishing this required a significant move effort to storage.

Late in the month she got busy visiting vacancies and evaluating them for rental.


On hot day in late June, accompanied by a woman friend, our star traveled a distance to view a property. Just before finding it, Horatia pulled over in distress. Lost, discouraged, and emotional, to her friend she spoke out her upset with intensity, waving her arms a bit as she did– for about three minutes. It was like an over heated radiator boiling over, steam streaming up with a hiss.

Shortly, this dear woman got a grip, proceeded on, looked over the prospect and nixed it.

That evening reading her book H came upon an account of a minister who had been run over by an 18 wheeler truck, laying in agonizing pain. The man did not care about his life, suffering so. The visiting friend assured him, “We will pray you to live.”

Reading that passage, Horatia received a big flash of insight accompanied by a big internal shift. That day she had felt so alone and terrified.  Now this protagonist knew what she would do: she would turn over this situation to Source. In that moment H surrendered the burden of the search, the stress and worry, and trust more strongly her divine help.

Years of practicing inner work paid off: our star was able to make this live! H could feel the wonder of receiving help to find a nurturing home. Horatia could feel ease; she could breathe into her success!


For another few weeks this strong one kept looking. H was cool and business like, finding prospects, viewing the promising ones. The goal had been to find a desirable rental close by.

One early morning our heroine found a favorable ad, a decent price, in the town where she preferred to settle.  When she got there, she reviewed the list of what she wanted: plenty of light, sufficient space, laundry facilities, decent storage, some way to handle lawn work. Check, check, check. OMG! H even liked the owner.

The next day Horatia signed the rental agreement. Success! Such a sweet place, where she wanted it, meeting the requirements she had.

Take Away

In this story, this dear woman not only affirmed what she wanted, she was also provided with the opportunity to let go of deep feelings that were in her way. And then what she wanted could flow in. Don’t you love that help showed up for her? Isn’t it great she could see the gift and take advantage of it? She took on a challenge and grew in the process.

Wow! She felt confident and ready, then her housing showed up.

Do you have a story of success to share? Did you go through inner changes on that journey? Please comment and tell us about it.

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