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Some Tools to Sustain Good Feeling


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Our lives flow so much better if we sustain good feeling. We train our nervous system by reaching for thoughts that feel better.

Each of us is actually building new neural pathways, our brain expanding and improving!

Do we want to get better at staying connecting to Source Energy, this state of feeling great? Yes, we do! To do so requires our focus. Now we are experiencing times involving much transformation. How shall we maintain our balance and zest?

In this post we articulate some tools you have perhaps encountered already and review them again for your inner training and experimentation.

  1. Meditate for 15 minutes in the morning to quiet your mind.

If we sit quietly, we have the chance to notice what is going through our minds at that moment. How do we feel? If we focus on an innocuous sound, like an air conditioner or a tone, we have a chance to bring ourselves to “neutral”.  We can rest from a cycle of negative thinking.

Alternatively, we can list things for which we are grateful or that we value. Envision those we love, imagine times of safety and affection and the like. So many possibilities for nurturing imagery.

  1. Bask in nature. Walk outside and appreciate.

So many of us benefit from going into nature to breathe and enjoy.  Some relish house plants, taking a walk where there is a tree or two or going to climb a mountain.

3. Write 3-5 pages of Positive Aspects.

Appreciate, appreciate. Let your mind roll, review so many delicious qualities and experiences. Put attention on all manner of what is loved–people, places, stuff, animals, environments, connections on the internet etc.

I have been appreciating and this inspires me to increase my writing daily. Perhaps starting and ending our day with this review.

  1. Gaze up at the sky or out the window. Acknowledge the Flow of Good always surrounding us.

We can take the time to tune into Universal Forces that benefit us. Well Being Abounding, Gravity there for us.

Let’s use our consciousness to look for harmony and find it, to support ourselves and thereby others. We can be shown the way and provide guidance as we are guided.

We empower ourselves to create more fun and more ease. Spending a bit of time to make a huge difference for ourselves and others.

Who wants to experiment with these tools? Please share your experiences with these tools and if it applies how your life was enriched. We create a great life together!

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