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When we reach for feeling as good as we can in this moment, we are keeping as connected to Source Energy as we can. We appreciate the world around us and feel the inspiration that comes to us, helping ourselves and others as we go.

Story of Doris

Imagined View, 24 x 30, $535

Doris offered to do an errand for Fiona. When she dropped off the requested package, she checked out a giveaway table that Fiona’s house features.

Our star picked up calendars that day. Fiona had asked that when choosing an item from the table, that person ask her to make sure it is ok to take. That day D spied a scarf there but did not really have the time to examine carefully. At that moment D had to leave to keep a scheduled commitment.

Next day again this dear woman dropped off a bag of groceries for Fiona. F was not home. Patsy, Fiona’s house manager and a good friend of Doris, was there at work.

Doris chatted a few minutes with her friend, spied the table and saw the scarf still there.

Inside Doris she thought, “Ok, I would like that item, but I will leave it because Fiona is not here to ask. Instead I will email F and let her know I want it.”

Fiona answered midday the next day and indicated that scarf had been taken by someone else.

Doris smiled. Earlier that week D had apparently left one of her pieces of neckwear in some public place and then, this “almost” felt like another loss. Defeated?

Ha! Our heroine proceeded in the next couple of days to visit a Thrift store or two and see what she might find to sooth her.

D did find a few scarves in those next couple of days– $3 altogether.

Feelings soothed then Doris shifted her focus to other things: like getting her gifts that needed mailing put together and got off to the post office.

Almost a week went by and Doris relished the day when she met with Patsy as she did every week.

Soon P was handing her a package. “What’s this?” thought D.

Opening it, this protagonist felt stunned: there was the scarf from the table. She was so moved, deeply touched. Wow.

Well it turned out that Patsy had taken it from the table, then next day asked Fiona if she could keep it and got the big OK.

Apparently, when F said it was gone, F did not know that the scarf was taken to be given to Doris.

What a sweet surprise! So much bounty of Goodness and… of scarves. it turned out that scarf was prettier than she even realized!  

Doris felt a wave of awe and knowing at how she had been protected and gifted!

Do you have stories with resonate with this one? In what ways has life gifted you? Please help spread that feeling of awe.

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