Janet Pearlman

Living in the Stream of Yes

Allowing Solutions to Come


Isn’t it great that the Forces of Good are all around us all of the time! As we become more tuned to this benign environment, we become more receptive to what we need and thereby reap tremendous benefits, e.g., ease, balance, fun and productivity.

When we find ourselves “trying hard” to solve a problem, we can bring ourselves assistance by easing up on that accelerator. Coast for a bit.

Flowers I, 16 x 20, acrylic on canvas

In that resting, we create a space where we can attract and receive solutions.


Mandy now had charge of caring for the house. The living-with partner left to pursue in his life in a new direction. Among the adjustments M had to learn how to get the lawn mowed.

The Ex had stored the lawnmower in the basement, using planks as a ramp to pull out the machine and put it back.  This approach was beyond the strength of our star.

She wondered what to do? Some acquainted with her declared that she needed a shed in which to store the device. Developing that possibility, Mandy learned that the shed would need siting and a foundation, and cost many hundreds of dollars. No there was not an obvious spot for this building, might require tree removal and landscape leveling. Complications, expenses—oh my!

She got some help getting the lawnmower out of the basement, got it oiled, got the lawn mowed. Then she rested.

Our heroine put that issue aside. M had many other chores, had errands, worked full time and cooked her food.

A dear friend visited and brought her husband. He heard the situation and commented off the top of his head, “Throw a tarp over it.”

Mandy received her solution. She laughed with delight. Such an easy approach after all the effort the shed idea involved. To this dear woman it felt like a miracle.

Got stories that validate the value of letting it come to you, flowing with ease? Please share them.

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