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Miracle at Open House


Moment in Mint Spring, 16 x 20, $395

Moment in Mint Spring, 16 x 20, $395

Miracles can pop unexpectedly as we shine our light in the world. Paying attention to the flow of Good holds so much enrichment for us. In the account below our protagonist is being herself, responding in kindness as she often does and what a treat she received!

Genevieve works for a company that sells home furnishings. Staffing a home show one Friday night she is stationed in a room with table

and chairs and greets touring customers.

Breaking a quiet spell, a family of mother, father and son come by and take seats for a visit. With no apparent agenda to shop for home goods, Mother starts to talk about how much trouble it is to raise her son.

The son who is sitting right there and listening places his hands over his eyes. Mother says, “I guess he does not like me talking about him.” G says, “I am sure he does not.”

Mother offers, “My son is beautiful, look at him and so perfect on the outside and so messed up inside.”

Calmly, our kind heroine responds, “No he is perfect on the inside too, smart and sensitive. This child just does not have the means to express what he knows and who he really is. Nothing is wrong with him. He feels locked up and does not yet know how to get out.”

In a few minutes Mother was rising and directing her family to move to the next display. As they moved to leave, Son approached our star. “Was he going to shake her hand,” thought G.

No,  instead the lad sat down in her lap, surprising her. Son puts his arms around her neck and hugs her once, then twice.  With care, Genevieve hugs him back, sending affection through that touch. He continues to hug her.

Mother chortles, “He has never done that before!” She was thrilled; she snapped photos, she felt elated. For several minutes M exclaims about him with delight.

Then Mother puts energy into getting her family to move on.

Son says to Genevieve, “I love you!”

Inside herself Genevieve perceived that the boy heard her and felt her support. His reaction showed how much he does understand, she thought. G was touched and gratified, wanting to fill the space with the intention for this young man to get assistance to express himself. With the needed help, he can participate more fully in the world.

As she flows through her days, G looks for good and finds it!  With no training in therapy of any kind, G spoke with kindness. She gently conveyed her understanding of an autistic condition, speaking up for the lad who cannot speak for himself just yet.

With that strong unexpected reaction, that boy showed our star that he can and did understand conversation and that he felt the support she put forth. Deeply she wants that family to find assistance.

What a fabulous demonstration of kindness sent out and love returning! Embodying the Good feels energizing and uplifting and flows right back to us. 😊

Do you have similar stories from your life? Please share them!


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