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Jill Bolte Taylor,  a neuroscientist, experienced a stroke at the age of 37. This brain expert lost many major bodily functions and in the course of recovering, discovered keys for healing and thriving very similar to ones articulated in these posts.

Fortunately, in coming back to high functioning  Jill was

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able to write and talk about her experience and how she continued to come back.

(Reportedly, her physician had predicted whatever she could not regain in six months would be gone forever. Our dear one was reclaiming function after more than 10 years from her stroke!  see My Stroke of Insight[1])

This strong woman accomplished an astounding feat of reclaiming her life. Let’s review the points she wants to pass on to others[2]

1.) Run appreciation and gratitude as much as possible.

2.) On the path of recovery, appreciate and applaud every positive step of progress.

3.) Surround yourself with supportive individuals whose presence soothe and nourish you.

4.) Get plenty of sleep and rest frequently as you need it. Honor your flow of energy.

5.) Relish your senses. Enjoy and feel into the sensuous details of being in your body.

6.) Take charge of what thoughts you think and which emotions flow in your being.

This takes practice for everyone. In her state of damaged brain our heroine felt acutely and immediately the effects of various forms of negative thinking. J realized she could choose what ran in her brain, and she steered toward uplifting thinking as a key strategy.  Jill applied it both for recovery and then to increase enjoyment of life as a fully functioning being!

From Dr Taylor we are inspired to pause and appreciate our amazing capacity to create ourselves new. Isn’t this an amazing illustration of how to heal, grow and recover!

If these tools worked well for someone in such need, imagine how each of us can accelerate our unfolding when already in a state of greater well being.

As a reader here,  you know these strategies work for many!  Why not experiment with some of what is offered and see what you can achieve.

Want  assistance using these suggestions in your life? Please contact me for some personal attention. Reach me at jpearl@streamofyes.com. And please know I love hearing your comments on the posts!





[1] Taylor, Jill Bolte, My Stroke of Insight, (New York: Penguin Group, 2008)

[2] Ibid, p. 118-120

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