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Living in the Stream of Yes

Choose Strength and Love


We all have friendships, and we interact with so many personalities as best we can. When we follow an empowered loving path and then we experience difficulty with a friend, we can use our strong and loving focus instead of reacting from base emotions. Please read this example to understand more.

The Story

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Tarryn was pleased that her friend from years ago , Rosa, was coming to visit the area for an extended stay.

Tarryn naturally friendly and helpful extended herself to assist R in several ways. Rosa was eager for the help.

After a couple of months a pattern developed that T was finding annoying. After the two agreed to some joint projects, Rosa did not follow through on her part.

Rosa was quick with various reasons for not showing up. Though feeling some frustration, Tarryn let it go and went about her business best she could.

Then, Rosa discovered that Tarryn did a healing art that R tried out. The visitor got great results, wanted more and started pushing T to teach her, obtain books for her and provide sessions.  R barely mentioned any exchange for Tarryn.

Our star T thought about how things were going. For the early months of Rosa’s stay, Tarryn had felt irritated; now T felt more intense feelings. Wow T perceived Rosa making untrue statements to influence her, to lie to get more from her.

Tarryn felt hurt, betrayed and disappointed. She had wanted to offer this beloved and valuable art—and now there was this atmosphere with hidden agendas and misrepresentations. T felt herself start to go into resentment, to pull away from this request and this relationship. Did Tarryn want to continue with her offer as things stood?

Inspiration That Turned the Tide

Our protagonist T consulted a woman for some help so that she might respond with empowerment. Here is the advice she received:

“This is a great opportunity to learn about aspects of unconditional love. In this situation you can readily see how important it is to absorb and fill with pure love. You want to and can feel secure in yourself. As you strengthen and love yourself, you can observe R’s behavior with some detachment.

It is likely that Rosa feels quite insecure herself and goes through life looking for ways to get things from others that she thinks she cannot provide for herself.

In YOUR life you get to care for YOURSELF excellently. What a chance you have to notice your assumptions, test and assess them!

You can choose to offer a loving gesture of this healing session with no strings. How freeing to respect yourself whether Rose respects you or not and to set limits on what you give. “


Tarryn read the message and got a good night’s sleep. Next morning she received clarity and made some new choices.

  1. Tarryn would make an appointment with Rosa to provide the healing session R wanted.
  2. She would spend quiet time with herself taking charge of her attitude. She wanted to thoroughly enjoy providing this service.
  3. As T felt better and better about herself independently, she could envision a constructive relationship with Rosa.
  4. This star could heal the hurt and disappointment and keep their interaction in perspective, i.e. Tarryn saw the fear in Rosa and the reasons for her manipulations. Tarryn knew now she can keep herself safe and rise to come from a loving place.

On the day or the appointment Tarryn did meet her goals and enjoyed the day.

Taking charge of her attitude worked beautifully. T requested some of R’s service in return and had organized the task to facilitate it. In this positive atmosphere, Rosa jumped at the request and set up time to do it.

Tarryn enthusiastically thanked her advising friend. That guidance inspired her to shift in such an important way. In turn, the friend appreciated T for diving in to live that advice.

How satisfying to turn such troubles into a harmonious relationship! Provide leadership with the power of your loving example. You can do this too.

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