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Living in the Stream of Yes

Calm Take Another Look


Do we notice when we are assessing a situation and we are also feeling “not good”? If we slow down, we may notice that we are feeling quite afraid, resentful, or other negative emotions.  Then we are wise to tak another look now that we feel more balanced. The difference in view may be remarkable and pleasing!

Example 1

Bright Future II, 24 x 30, $595

Candy’s landlord sold the lot next to where Candy lived. When she heard this news, our star’s adrenaline spiked and she felt in danger. Soon the new owner would construct a house next door.

Two flows converged: the building project did not begin for months and thereby Candy had more time than at first she thought to gain a more balanced perspective.

Candy’s Personal Goals

C knew the principles she wanted to follow.

  1. Reach for calm
  2. Reach for appreciating
  3. Look for good things to flow
  4. Feel as though she already had what she wanted.

Our star wanted to use this episode to build strength and live as much as possible in joy.

What could this dear woman do? She distracted herself by enjoying her life, appreciating many aspects: creative pursuits, friends, activities and more.

Time Passed

Five Months later our heroine spied a front-end loader in the neighboring lot. The next week the construction began.

On the first day of construction Candy walked over to chat with the first workman on the scne. In that conversation, she learned that the Leader of the project was open to saving part or all of the lovely tree on the lot. That tree is a wonderful feature out C’s picture window in her living room. Is it possible the builders might save the tree? Very cool.

Then on day four, our star saw that her garden was not in harm’s way. The retaining wall stood a good distance from her garden’s border. The construction will not touch Candy’s flowers. Oh another dreaded aspect not happening.

Wait a Minute. None of what had scared Candy was happening! In her mind she had made things worse than they were. How could that happen!

Example 2

Dahlia spent a week quite frazzled. She had pain in her body; her walking was impaired. She wanted to order products from one site and she knew she had recently participated in a group order from a different company. Quickly she checked the group  purchase. “Oh. where was it?” she cried. She did not see her selections in what appeared to be what was submitted as the group.

So harried from her current set of circumstances, she took a breath and kept going. D prepared material on the second site, did not have enough for free shipping and put off consideration till later.

Days passed. In a much more balanced frame of mind, Dahlia swung back around to check the group order again more carefully. Oh my! In her haste D had missed that the group order had two parts and her stuff was included in the second part she had not seen. She had walked around for many days thinking she had been left out and would miss out on those items. Wrong! Dahlia’s products had been ordered. Her distress was for nothing, a result of collecting data incompetently when upset.

When she made a calmer perusal, everything was fine.

Do you have a story of a distressed review that turned out to be distorted and false? Did you distort your perceptive lens in haste or worry? Please share your account and how you used it for your growth. We love sharing this path.

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