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Living in the Stream of Yes

Take Power Instead of Feeling a Victim


Those of us increasing our personal power are building new neural pathways moment to moment. These new pathways represent new strength in our ability to focus.

When we are born, we are guaranteed that choosing our focus will be part of our life experience –we will touch up against some things we do not want. Then we turn to focus on what we DO WANT so we get more of it.

Into 2014, 24 x 30, $525

We get what we hold in our thoughts in this attraction-based world.

In this account Georgina is experiencing something that she definitely does not want. What can she do to build strength instead of magnifying the upset?

Often G reached for being connected to Source Energy. She felt good vibes flow from her heart and frequently spent time enjoying her yard. Daily she would create various projects: crafts, home improvements, garden.

Close by down the street, a male neighbor drank heavily and spoke loudly. It had happened last week and this time the invective pounded the air, accented by a menacing din of blaring music.

Our heroine lost her composure for a bit, triggered into a distressed and depressed reaction. In despair, Georgina wailed in her head, “This is my home!”

Pause. Wait a Minute. This Star wanted to come from higher consciousness. She called for help to a friend who would help her know what to do from greater self-mastery.

This guide began, “At every moment you retain your connection to Source Energy. We need only bring it back into our awareness. We make our priority our own nervous system—regaining that “feeling good” place. First put some focus on calm, perhaps distracting ourselves with something pleasurable. Certainly, offer ourselves time to recover.

This assistant called up the inspiring words of Howard Thurman, influential author, philosopher, civil rights leader. “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”  https://libquotes.com/howard-thurman/quote/lbn4k5i

Georgina felt deeply afraid and distressed by the anger and noise on her street. The work with her nervous system to feel more calmly and contented required focus over days into weeks. The habit would show up she’d whine in her head, “But I want to work in my yard!” Building strength this dear woman  did not dwell there, pivoting out of that victim mentality again and again.

Moving on, G found ways to soothe herself and knew she was taking power in her mindful steps to recovery. Her ability to focus where she put her thoughts represents her power, and she kept choosing to build resilience in how she uses her consciousness.

Once she got feeling better, options to continue popped into her mind, she could:

  1. Wear earphones and play desired music for our own ears.
  2. Put special attention on the beauty surrounding herself. Relish each aspect—the color of the flowers, the combinations, the textures!
  3. Review strong positive memories.
  4. Appreciate the many friends she has attracted.

Our protagonist pleased herself that she was growing from this unwanted situation. She was expanding her love for herself and her understanding of others. Her courage expanded too. With delight she embraced the continuous practicing needed and G loved expanding her capacity for love.

Did you find this piece thought provoking? What bubbled up for you? Can you think of more approaches to strengthen ourselves under similar circumstances? What do you do for yourself?

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