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Appreciation Renews Vitality


Isn’t it powerful to feel into what we are grateful for today? Despite the distractions that may surround us, with our power of focus we can turn again to what we admire and love. One woman found renewed vitality and love for her husband by switching her attention.

Maria was worrying about how upset her husband, Tim, had become. After reading a news story of violence abroad, he

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Imagined View, 24 x 30, $535

had been sharing his sentiments that much goodness came from Catholicism and how he appreciated his Catholic roots. Maria noticed the reported incident had occurred in a country where many Catholics reside. It had triggered some deep feelings in her dear one. Then she felt upset that Tim was unsettled.

In a counseling session, it was suggested to Maria that she view her man as reaching for something vital, a sense he had had in childhood and wanted to activate now.

Maria very much felt called to help him. How could she do that? What if our star pointed out the good she saw in him?  In a flash M became animated at the roster she could create.  Tim expressed his caring and competence in so many ways. The two had a long drive planned. What a perfect opportunity to share how her man has warmed and delighted her! Both of them could focus on something positive.

This woman felt better and better herself as her mind filled with thoughts of Tim’s integrity. Instead of reviewing all the reactivity and discomfort, she put attention on what she loved.

Let’s notice how good came forth from a report of disturbing events. Instead of focusing on Tim’s distress, Maria decided to appreciate her dear man, and immediately she began to feel better.  On this upcoming vacation T’s spirits are very likely to raise as Maria speaks to him kindly and beams her affection. We all love to be appreciated.

As Maria looked for good, she exercised her personal power to lift her mood. By doing so she led the way for more satisfaction for both of them.

Have you been experimenting with appreciation? Do you have some results that are fun to let us all know?  Please comment.  Encourage us all again to attune to what we love.






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