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Resilience : Handling an Attack of Fear


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Mint Spring Path, 12 x 16, $395

Are you growing in your self mastery? Are you drawing tools and inspiration from reading this blog? As we travel this path, we learn how to handle our episodes of fear. Read about what steps one woman used in the story below.

From an uncomfortable dream Jasmina woke to a dark room.   A check of the clock indicated it was not yet time to rise. 

Half asleep, her mind went to pondering a patch of skin on her face that had been irregular for years. J began to worry. Years ago she had been told by a dermatologist that it had mild cancerous skin cells growing. Natural healing had seemed more inviting than the standard treatment of dermatology. So far she knew she was not yet cured entirely.

This line of thinking triggered off a strong feeling of anxiety. Actually our heroine knew herself pretty well—she was gripped in fear.  Rattling through her were formulations that fed the fear. “She’d be disfigured, made ugly. OMG!”

There she lay tossing and turning. After a few minutes she used Jin Shin Jyutsu, holding spots on her body to soothe herself. This action provided some ease and still sleep eluded our dear one.

Getting out of bed, heading downstairs, J put her attention on responding to some email. That was fun.

After about fifteen minutes, Jasmina felt so much better.  She had used her ability to focus and distract herself. Wow her fear had ebbed.  Now J could remember her strengths. And, the subject of her upset came clear as something manageable over time.

Back in bed she got back to sleep and woke later than usual refreshed.

In the morning the sun poured in the windows along with her clarity. Life is good. Eagerly she began her day.

What are the take away points from this piece?

  1. Notice your feelings.
  2. Soothe yourself with your thoughts as best you can
  3. Honor the need to let some time pass to regain balance.
  4. Calm yourself with tools like Jin Shin Jyutsu, Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping) or other techniques as you can.
  5. Distract yourself by shifting your focus.
  6. Bask in a new feeling place as you become aware of your shift.

Have you experimented with steps like these and got results? Do you have your own methods of calming yourself to share? Please comment. Let’s share our empowerment.









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