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Sea Green Glory, 24 x 30,  SOLD

Sea Green Glory, 24 x 30, SOLD

Have you ever had a re-occurrence of a dysfunction in a bodily condition? A disharmony that flares up, triggering off a feeling of both irritation and worry? What would an empowered response look like. Read on.

The Story

Jamie noticed that her left leg was unhappy. Her gait slowed and the limb felt heavy and tight. She wanted this to be a quick blip and be gone in a day or two. When it did not,

her habit kicked in and she scanned for something she did wrong to “cause” it.  Her mind reviewed the condition frequently, her mood lowered, she felt tired. Our star was worrying.

For a few years now Jamie had begun practicing the material in this blog. For example, when she notices her flowing adrenaline, she observes the accompanying thoughts. J wants to refocus on what she DOES want and shift out of a review of unwanted.

As much as this woman wants a solution right now, she reached for distracting herself thereby allowing ease into her awareness.

Of course, this behavior is common in our culture: notice the condition, get upset, review it a lot. What are some alternative responses?

The Remedial Thinking

First, J can remember:

  1. How Well Being Abounding, in, around, and through her is already at work to heal her. Right now she can reach for making it alright that she notices disharmony.
  2. Discomforts on this path of life are not only to be expected but provide fuel for growth.
  3. Distraction from this blip is as easy as listing things to appreciate.  “My food is delicious tonite. I love how much freer and energetic I feel after yoga class. ”
  4. Recovery is underway. Revitalization is rising up in the mist of discomfort.
  5. Lessons on healing come to me.  The additional rest promotes health.
  6. I visualize and experience my leg as whole and perfect now.


In a few weeks our heroine’s leg felt improved. After having been uncomfortable, afraid and worried, J felt energetic and satisfied.

Like reveling in sunshine after a rainy day, when our dear one weathers a bit of a “crisis,” she experiences a switch to the better in a way that she would never have felt if all always went without a hitch.

Today Jamie relishes the experience of being able bodied. Sometimes she moves slowly and enjoys some new perspectives that accompany that pace.

As maintenance, this restored being does yoga regularly along with her exercising.  Each day she deepens her trust in Well Being.

The program of keeping focused on health and wholeness has paid off for J and continues to do so!

Do you have a tale of how you used your shift in attention to recovery from injury or illness? Please comment with what worked for you to keep your perspective and what lifted your spirits. Let’s share our successes!


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