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Trust the Inspiration


When we focus on Good, appreciate often, an atmosphere of Good is created around us. When some shift or action pops into mind at a time of need, can we go with it? Can we trust the inspiration to use in that moment? The tale of a woman who was able to go for it with a big emotional shift follows:

Setting the Scene

Patsy had to move from a rented

Narragansett Bay, 16 x 20, $475

Narragansett Bay, 16 x 20, $475

apartment of many years. The landlord asked her to empty the storage room. Then after a couple of months the owners made it clear they wanted her to look for another dwelling, at first with months to accomplish this, a long deadline.  Each morning she perused craigslist for rentals.

As she searched, she found that prices in the area had increased dramatically and properties she could afford were scarce.

P felt quite afraid and pressured. It was a big effort to figure out where to move her things and then to haul the stuff into storage. Feelings of fear coursed through her.

Once the initial load was stored, she searched for leads on housing daily. Out she went to view properties that might work.

In Crisis

One day she drove to a property in an unfamiliar section of the region. A supportive friend drove in a separate vehicle.

Directions to this rental house turned out to be inadequate and confusing. In 90-degree temperature and fighting fatigue our star found herself lost.  To make it worse P felt guilty that her loyal companion was also on this wild goose chase.

At one point she knew she was close—but still could not find it. Stopped in a random driveway, she got out of her car, waving her arms in distress. ” I cannot deal with this,” she cried, ” I don’t care if she ever find it.”  Under pressure, our heroine overflowed with her upset. Her friend by her side, she soon did find the place. Not a housing fit but she got her own attention for how much she needed soothing and re- balance.


That evening cuddled on the couch she was reading a book on near death experience. Rapt, P read the story of Max, a man who died in a terrible car accident and returned to his body. Weeks had passed, and he lay in agony.

Max’s friend came by– a fellow minister, and told him that he had to survive this. The injured one could barely utter his thoughts said (I paraphrase), “No I cannot do anything. I have no energy.”  His compatriot returned, “You don’t have to do a thing. Turn it over to us. We will pray you to live.” In that moment Patsy had an epiphany.

Inspiration penetrated all that upset — she would let go of all that distress. She turned it over to a greater power, Source energy. Suddenly she was able to shift her focus to ease and calm.

Before this she had been waking up in the night, now she slept soundly straight through. It was easier to proceed. The momentum from that pressure was interrupted.

Then our star became able to tell her story with more uplift. She could begin to anticipate good things happening. She could remember that good comes from contrast– and she could begin to feel into the atmosphere of Good.

P was able to trust the inspiration to let it all go and do it!  She turned to ease!


In less than four weeks, Patsy found an interesting ad on craigslist, located where she wanted to live at the right price for her budget.  On visiting it, in awe this woman looked at the size of the space and the light coming in. She listened as the owner ticked off all the qualities of the place that met her desires.

She found her next home! Sitting in the driveway as she signed the contract, she read a message from her landlord asking her to leave the apartment in one month. Smiling, she could respond that would be fine with her.

She experienced uncomfortable circumstances and then with a shift, miracles flowed.

She got guidance to trust, was able to follow it, and then she got her miracle.

Atmosphere of Good is working even when all seems bleak and difficult. When open, we receive inspiration and can follow it to our goals.

Do you have an account of how you supported yourself through hard times? Have you received guidance, trusted it and acted? Please tell it in the comments! Your sharing spreads the love!

In the first weeks, she frequently thought about her circumstances which continued to trigger uncomfortable feelings.

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