Janet Pearlman

Living in the Stream of Yes

The Flow That Impresses Us


We reach for keeping spirits as high as we can moment by moment. We do it because we feel happy right now. Let’s notice how some very impressive events, objects and more can show up as part of the flow.

Jackie had to cancel her vacation and was feeling a bit of envy for those who reported on wonderful trips this summer. To lift herself, J put attention on what she was appreciating in her now—there was a good-sized list!

The next day early in the morning Jackie said hello to a girlfriend, Tammy, and they texted back and forth. Tammy had organized a few women and planned to spend a day at a nearby lake. They were leaving in the morning and planned to spend all day. Jackie had a hair appointment scheduled right in the middle of the day, and though they discussed it, this heroine could not figure out a way to join the group with ease. The options involved so much running around. Ugh.

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Jackie just let it go. There was talk of next week and J got focused on enjoying this day.

About a half hour that sound that signifies “You have a text” rang out.  Tammy has some reason to shift the whole plan around and now proposes meeting late in the afternoon. Tammy lets J know she can now join them. Jackie agrees.

Ok our star then dives into her prep for the appointment and the outing: the bathing stuff, the food and more, driving one direction to the  hair salon and then heading the other way to connect up with the group. Jackie was moseying along taking care of chores, cooking and organizing.

Meanwhile this dear woman has a slight disfunction in her ankle. J is moving slower this day. A different friend emails to say she has sent some remote healing and did she feel anything. “Actually, yes,” thinks Jackie, as she comes back inside from watering the garden. “Cool, my leg does feel improved. That’s fun.”

Then in just a few minutes, another email. Her hairdresser is informing her that he needs to reschedule the appointment for another day. This means Jackie is now free to go earlier to the lake, traveling in only one direction. She can even share the ride with Tammy.

Tammy loves the chance to move up the meet time and go to the water earlier in the day.

Somehow this protagonist is getting a lovely excursion, like a vacation day, and she just flowed along.  Our heroine can move at a relaxed pace, take the food already prepared. And in the mix, her ankle feels better.

What a lovely day unfolded! They arrived just after a thunderstorm passed through. The temperature was perfect—both air and water. A few others joined them and a good relaxing venture was had by all.

Some folk might have put more effort into “making the original plan work” because she really, really wanted to go. Perhaps another might have called around, created possibilities with phone calls and texts to push for a fun day, holding thoughts like “I will bend this to my will!” 

Instead, each of us can notice the pay off in staying with the flow of events. Jackie had the attitude to take the easiest path, not push against what unfolded. She thought, “Why not make “what is” ok right now?”

Do you have some experiences when you felt ease, relaxed and got unexpected delights? Oh we love to hear and share those!  

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