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Personal Power of Intention


We can use our focus to get what we want. Isn’t that cool to know we have that personal power!

We CAN shape what happens to us!  To do this involves changing some habits of thought and practicing some new tools. 

Moment at Mint Spring, 16 x 20, $475

Moment at Mint Spring, 16 x 20, $475

Doesn’t it feel good to declare, ” I will go for this thing I want. I will give this a shot!”

In this post learn how we can direct the flow of  events in our lives.

Try out this approach:

  1. Notice I want something.
  1. Decide that I want it enough to put some focus on it at this time.
  1. What kind of focus? I recommend conjuring up an image and a feeling. Since you want it, it is a good feeling. Feel into it and allow the feeling to grow. Can you feel as though you already have what you want? Great, bask there!
  1. Rest from that intention and go do something else– preferably something you enjoy. Have some fun.
  1. As you proceed in life, ideas for how to go toward your desire may arise. If they feel good, I recommend following them.
  1. These steps toward destination are on the path. Make small steps as important as bigger ones.
  1. Enjoy your life, take feel good steps, Repeat.

Here is an account demonstrating how the one person using these steps got results!

Christine resided in a basement apartment whose entry was in the rear of a modern house on a hill. A mulched dirt path led to the front door, and there was no motion sensor lighting in place for night access.

As this tale begins, the owners had decided to upgrade the house appearance and wanted to have a landscaper create paths on both sides of the house– around to the right and then also widen the one to the apartment. The contractor’s design included ways nearly a yard wide with large stones surrounded by smaller stones edged to define the path.

Christine did not think that blueprint worked for this setting. The path would not be solid and well leveled. Up to this point she had kept it mulched. On it she felt sure-footed even when only using key chain flashlight illumination. The proposal calls for large stones on the edges which will create tripping hazard. As the tale begins only plants outline the walkway.

As she contemplated the “upgrade,” she noticed the fear she felt.  Our star wanted to avoid this improvement. To achieve this she knew she had to envision the path she preferred and feel good about her entry. She did not want to resist the change,  argue, nor did she want her fear to distract her.  On what did she want to put her attention?

C appreciated how much she enjoyed living in this place. She reminded herself, “Well being Abounds.” Having practiced the personal power of intending our heroine reviewed the many instances when she has been protected from possible threats, when Good has flowed to her in amazing demonstrations. Sometimes she would feel a spike of fear. Christine used that as inspiration to turn her mind back to this inner work.

As it happened, the improvement project was delayed for a couple of months. Time passed and she settled into trusting that she would be fine with whatever happened.

Then the day came when the landscaper arrived to construct the paths. The man began doing work on the side that did not lead to the apartment, the side nearer to the house entrance. During the second day of work, the contractor informed Christine that he had used all the purchased materials and would not be changing her walkway at all.

Thrilled, she realized that her focus had paid off.  Hee Haw! Yes, she had felt some trepidation. She had been able to shift her perspective and successfully pursued the process of intending  a safe passage to her home.

She found feeling good despite not having immediate result and settled into a sense that all would be well. Isn’t it cool that affirming and feeling into “Well Being Abounds,”  affects the world of substance and form!!

Dear Readers, keep reviewing these posts to read more examples of getting results with your intention.

Do you have some experiences using these tools? Please share them in a comment! I love to hear from you.








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