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Living in the Stream of Yes

Pay Attention to How We Feel


We realize now the great power we wield wherever we put our attention.  How does it go?

1. We want to notice more and more how we feel. 

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2. If we don’t feel great, what then? Ease up. We can pause and let our natural good feeling rise again. Things go so much better when we act from feeling good.

3. We distract ourselves to flow along in a new direction, one that feels better.

What can we learn from the following?

Example I

In distress, Danielle called a wise friend Penny. D reported, “One of the classes I teach may not be renewed. Management of the center prefers someone else. And, at a family meeting what I have accomplished got outshined by someone else, touting his productivity and successes. I feel miserable! Help!

Strategically, Penny asked Danielle about a subject D would love to discuss. P asked, “What were you painting on that vacation you just had?”

D responded “I loved looking at the island in the lake. So many perspectives were fun to put down, different slopes, different times of day. For longer painting stints, I even toted a comfortable light weight. Aren’t I clever!

Additionally, I met new people and had some exciting discussions. One of them enjoyed sharing food plan stuff with me. Great to offer my experience.”

Penny observed after about half hour, D now chatted away with animation and liveliness. What was the secret to help her?  Directing attention to an aspect of D’s life that was going well, that she loved to discuss.

Example 2

Chadra noticed she felt lousy, fatigued, low energy. She had had a poor night’s sleep. C ran thoughts about her circumstances, pointing out how recently things had not flowed well.

Then, C remembered her power. “Hey I want my zing back. Let me review how I love to live what I talk about, through my day noticing how I feel and then what is it I am thinking? In this moment am I using the teachings that are important to me? When I teach, I admit that I catch myself frequently wanting to shift my perspective to a more positive one, telling stories of what and how I am learning.”

VARoom ! My energy spiked like a spark connected with a pile of dry grass! I fuel my upswing ruminating on folks who are innovating, creating new companies and services and more. Hey going further I can appreciate my good fortune, reviewing some wonderful things that had happened for me in the last year. I shifted, found my mojo and good spirits.”

How did Chadra help herself? She put attention on what makes her feel good

Wield the Focus on the Good Stuff

  1. How we feel
  2. What we love
  3. what goes well
  4. For whom we easily feel affection and why
  5. Tick off some successes

Closing Thoughts

Become aware of what works for shifting your mood.

Create new habits of thought and bask in the pay offs!

Do you have questions or reports? Please comment! It feeds the flow of inspiration!

About the Author

Janet Pearlman is a spiritual teacher, counselor, healer and artist. In these posts composed of true stories, she inspires others to know themselves and compassionately to develop skills of empowerment. In her forty-five year journey of self-discovery, she has deeply studied the teachings of Abraham-Hicks, Ernest Holmes and more. Janet offers individual sessions by phone and in person. Please contact her at jpearl555@earthink.net to arrange an appointment.

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