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The Jewel That is Emmet Fox


Woman with Dream, 10 x 10, Acrylic with Texture on Canvas, SOLD

Woman with Dream, 10 x 10, Acrylic with Texture on Canvas, SOLD

In the eighties I was introduced to the author Emmet Fox.  He first published the passage below in 1934.  His writings have influenced me greatly and as you will see,  encouraged me to start shifting my thinking well before the Abraham Hicks teachings became available.

As you read you will see how very harmonious is his thinking with the blog entries you read from me. Somehow when I read these words recently,  I cried “Wow” as I felt the impact of his words. Such clarity! And what a change in consciousness! Hee Haw!

“The Spiritual Key to the Bible rescues us from (……..) the false positions of the Ritualism, Evangelicalism and what is called Liberalism alike because it gives us the Truth. And the Truth turns out to be nothing less than the amazing but undeniable fact that the whole outer world, whether it be the physical body, the common things of life, the winds and the rain, the clouds and the earth itself– is amenable to man’s thought, and that he has dominion over it when he knows it. The outer world, far form being the prison of circumstances that it is commonly supposed to be, has actually no character whatsoever of its own, either good or bad. It has only the character that we give to it by our own thinking. It is naturally plastic to our thought, and this is so, whether we know it or not, and whether we wish it or not.”[1]

As you read my blog entries, please know that together we are on a path to wielding our power to have dominion over everything in our lives.  I love that we are learning how to exercise this power and I love that we are alive while this knowledge is popping in some many sectors and in so many ways in our lifetime. Isn’t it fun to put our humble applications into the context of transformation of humankind during this era? Please join me in a moment of awe!! 🙂

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[1] Fox, Emmet, The Sermon on the Mount, Harper and Row Publishers, 1934, p. 13-14



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