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Trust the Pay Off


Jiving, 12 x 16, Acrylic with Texture on Canvas, $225

Jiving, 12 x 16, Acrylic with Texture on Canvas, $225

Lloyd had been feeling discouraged about his work. Reading and contemplating, he received inspiration to apply his focus to feel better. He began thinking and writing to alter his point of view.  As he proceeded, something would happen at work and he’d ask himself if this situation “resulted” from his processes. He felt some movement and still some discouragement.  He wondered if  he was he making any progress. Was he succeeding at what he wanted to create? Discussing it with me, he wanted to know how to think about this now and what, if anything, to do.  Checking his progress, he thought his efforts may be in vain. How to get more satisfaction?

His focus is succeeding. Here’s the perspective I recommend- written as though this was my concern:

  1. I want to make it ok to feel discouraged and be reaching for better feeling.

Gosh it is easy to feel discouraged in this job. I have so many demands on me. The oversight agencies put so many expectations on the program I run.  The patients are difficult, and the staff are challenged to treat them well.

We have had so much recognition for the work achieved. So much has improved under my leadership.  Certainly my influence has had been hugely positive over these last chunk of years. It is so understandable that my spirits might dip.

  1. I want to flow with the inspiration to feel better about my job.

To proceed I am going to tune into enjoying more throughout my day.

Can I notice more “little things”?  I intend to appreciate more.

The secretary wore a beautiful blue sweater today. I hired her because I got a strong intuitive hit she’d bring good energy and Whazoo! I got pay off there. What a pleasure to deal with her!

In a meeting I attended I heard that another program emulated some of the procedures we developed here last year.

A request for a time extension on an interesting project was granted today. It’s great to be able to continue to develop that.

The foliage out my window is gorgeous. I love my drive to work. I love the time to enjoy breathing and calling up thoughts that feel really good.

  1. I am going to look for more fun during my day both at work and outside it. I am going to enjoy my days more and more!

After work I am going to take a long walk enjoying the scenery.

I am going to buy a joke book online and read at least two a day.

I will go visit a favorite colleague at work more often and exchange a few words just because I can.

  1. In my quiet time I am going to list things that have gone well for me over time.

I have had some great teachers.

I enjoy a vibrant, growing and delightful family.

My friends are dedicated, funny and awesome!

  1. Living each day like this I know that I am going to create new ways of thinking that flow more and more easily to me. I know when I practice I get pay off.
  1. It is satisfying to proceed on purpose. Bit by bit I am taking charge of what happens for me.
  1. I look at how I have turned things around with great success on other spheres of my life. When I look back, I am glad certain challenges appeared because I love the results I have gotten by making changes as I faced them. I love that I find more in myself as I experiences things I do not want and decide to go for what I do want.
  1. I relish the JOURNEY of life. I prefer to trust the focus on each moment and know that the bigger picture is unfolding in right timing.
  1. I know that my focus has pay off. And by tuning in, I notice I succeed when I feel better today– in fact, I feel better right NOW.

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