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Greater Personal Power This Year


We have so much hope for our future. Gosh we are just getting on a roll using the power of our beings, our minds, emotions, intuitions and more to shape the features of our lives. The purpose here is to inspire our taking charge by offering examples of how we can enjoy our flow, solve our problems and encourage others. 

In this post the author assembles some material from Ernest Holmes, a leading edge thinker in the twentieth century, further to illustrate how we can use our personal power.

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We Access Power

“I realize that all the Good there is, all the Presence there is, all the Power there is, is immediately available and responsive to my acceptance. “[1]

Understand Our Beings Are Mirrors

“Place a mirror in front of you, hold before it what; you call a small object, such as a pencil, and you will see that the reflection is neither larger not smaller than its image. Now remove the pencil and place a book in front of the mirror. Instantly the mirror reflect the larger object. Suppose you had a mirror large enough for you to place a mountain in front of it. Would the mirror as easily reflect the image of the mountain? It would not be hard or … easy; (nor… large or small. It would merely be reflection.

Life is a mirror reflecting your images of thought. If you see confusion in this mirror, don’t blame the law of reflection, don’t even bother to blame yourself, but be willing to acknowledge that this confusion must be a reflection of your own consciousness. “

“’But,’ you may say, ‘it is really a reflection of the confusion around me.’ Maybe so, but unless this confusion around you had found some entrance to your consciousness it could not be reflected to your mirror. No doubt many of the reflections are caused by the images of thought entertained through previous years of disappointment, uncertainty and doubt. But this must not discourage you.

Learn to…remold your consciousness and you will see the reflections change.”[1]

Isn’t it amazing to realize how what is showing up matches our insides! Please notice how the stories in these posts provide guidance as to how we can shift what vibrates inside us! Yes it takes some focus.

The Shift Takes Time

Yes it requires some time. As Ernest Holmes says,

“We do not change all of the patterns of thought in a moment. Rather, it takes place little by little until gradually the old thought patterns become transformed into new ones by some inner alchemy of the mind …

I know that all the Good there is belongs to me… I am surrounded and …enveloped by it. (Gratefully), I feel Its Presence. There is nothing in me that can reject Good…My whole expectation is one of joy and pleasurable anticipation… Within me is the Presence and the Power and the Will to know and to do and to be.

There is nothing in me that can deny this statement. There is nothing in me that can limit me (ed. paraphrase)  I recall happiness, I anticipate joy, and I experience pleasure.”[3]

So much reason for hope! Please keep reading these posts as examples of Well Being Abounding and what shows up when you focus on Good week by week. And if you want to increase the effects on this information, think commenting each week with reactions, your stories and questions. Isn’t it wonderful how we contribute to each other’s growth!

Thanks for your readership!

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