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Good News about Murphy’s Law

Are you walking around in life thinking that there is some unstoppable law put out by Murphy? Do you have the impression that when unwanted stuff starts happening, you are powerless?  I bring Good News!

Moment at Mint Spring, 16 x 20, $475

Moment at Mint Spring, 16 x 20, $475

Nothing to fear here.  You are the creator and master controller. Yes!

What IS happening when it seems like bad stuff is on a roll in your life?

It is all about what you hold in your mind. It is common to hear someone say, “I am having one of those days.” That formulation implies that more uncomfortable things are coming.  You start to expect more undesired things, feel victimized and then it happens.

For example what if you stub your toe while making morning food. You burn the toast. Someone calls you with bad news. It  is raining out…

It is tempting to label it a “bad day.”

There is not an evil force operating.  Humans are all subject to the universal law:  “That which is like unto itself is drawn.”

People think annoying things are happening. The universe responds with irritating events.  It has happened for all of us. What to do?

Slow down that momentum of that thought.


Take a nap

Distract yourself.

Wait till the next day after a good night’s sleep.

Slow Down.

Smell whatever roses are available.


Here is what one woman did when she started to predict unwanted coming:

Lana planned time away visiting friends for a couple of nights each. One friend, Alexa,  unexpectedly had complex dental procedure two nights before Lana’s time to arrive.

Our  protagonist felt a pull to worry–Alexa cannot eat regular food,  has many rules in her kitchen, has quite a bit scheduled. Oh dear. Would all this lead to discomfort and tension?

Our heroine’s hand had begun to swell, an occasional symptom.

Did she let a belief in Murphy’s Law take hold? No, Lana chose not to envision continued difficulty and distress.

Instead, she brought her hosts flowers! Our star put more clear intention into each moment. What could she enjoy right now? Dinnertime? She enjoys cooking and eating, answering questions about herself, inquiring about her friends.

How lovely to stride on morning walk, to attend an art class at the historic home of a famous poet, to create in the shelter of the wide old veranda and to use umbrellas to view the garden. Beautiful and sweet!

What a treat to eat fish fresh from the harbor!

Our star looked for the good, noticed it coming, asking “What can I appreciate?” and there it was.

She chose not to think it had all turned “bad, ” resulting in it not going poorly at all. She had fun.

In fewer days than expected, Lana’s hand returned to normal, resolved without any worry.

Sounds simple?  — do you see the awesome power to use?

Is there some bit that is useful here in this account? Want to share how you became aware of predicting unwanted and shifted your focus? Please comment!

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