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Change Our Attitude to Heal


Louise Hay tells us that a change in attitude represents a key to heal bodily conditions[1]. We have all experienced parts of our body not functioning optimally.  To return to full health we must address not only the body, but mind and spirit.

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Red Ease, 9 x 12, SOLD

Yes we use medicines,  allopathic, homeopathic; western medicine, energy work, herbs and more.  As we employ these tools, we are wise to align with the Forces of Good– moving toward feeling Love, seeing the  wholeness, basking in ease.

Example from Ordinary Life 

When Leslie was in her 40’s, she worked hard at a job in business. Over a period of years she found herself coming down now and then with “a virus.”  It was strange that there was no respiratory or digestive symptoms– she felt exhausted with general malaise.

Chronically she felt pressure in her work a day world. When she was ill, she let it all go. She “had to” spend time in bed and rest, thereby this “disease” brought her relief.

In taking sick time she adjusted her perspective and healed toward more balance.  Later in her life, our dear protagonist realized she could go straight to rest before she felt sick.

Below are some remarkable stories how physical self responds to shift in thoughts:

Appreciate What Works

In 1966 Catherine Ponder published her book The Dynamic Laws of Healing.  Ahead of its time, the work is filled with many stories of dramatic healing from a shift in attitude.

Under the subtitle “How Praise Heals,” this author tells this story: after seeing countless physicians a woman came to Ms Ponder for a session. After listening to the client’s long list of woes, Catherine asks the woman to tell her something that was going well with her. At first the woman could not think of anything.

This healer persisted pointing out that the woman had walked into her office,  was not bedridden, was apparently seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, and touching.  The client responded after some contemplation:  her right little finger was perfect.

Ponder gave this client homework. The woman should go home and focus on the perfection of her little finger,  praise its health,  give thanks for Life and refuse to think of her ills.

In three days the patient returned, reporting her whole hand felt improved. The client continued to see Catherine and before too long the list of healthy parts grew and grew.[1]

Help from Abraham Hicks Teachings

I happened to view a video segment dated 1993 from an Abraham Hicks seminar. In it a female participant told Abraham this story. In her recent past she had been given a diagnosis of cancer.  Spurning medical care, she went home and immersed herself in the Abraham teachings (reading this blog offers the essence of  the Abraham message.)  In a few months she was found to be completely cancer free.

A  Focus on Acts of Kindness Creates a Miracle

Man’s Cancer is Healed After Doing Random Acts of Kindness for a Year

A fellow had had a serious bout with cancer. The dear man got to a point where the doctors had no more treatments for him.  This hero wanted to make the most out of the life he had left! His solution: focus on doing random acts of kindness.  The man threw himself into it, relishing the work.

A year later he went back to the doctor for testing. Our star found to be cancer free! The doctor said that the MRI results “were unexplained by western science”  He matched Well Being while he was so happy in his work!

Thoughts to Remember

We have awesome power available to use for returning to balance. Align our inner state to that of love, peacefulness and Joy. Let’s bask in this!

We are wise to notice on what our attention is focused– our health depends on it.

Want to share some tales of how focusing your mind was part of your regime to heal a condition? Please know how your story contributes to the health of all of us! Thank you for telling us about it.

If you have questions about how to apply this post to your own situation, please write me.


[1] Hay, Louise, Heal Your Body (Santa Monica, CA: Hay House, 1988) p.1

[2] Ponder, Catherine, The Dyanmic Laws of Healing, (Marina del Ray, CA: DeVorss &Co, Publisher, 1966) 99-100.

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