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Allowing Recovery


When I get more than a little upset, how can I use what I know about the laws of the universe? How can I allow my recovery?

Let’s review this example:

Casmia just went through several weeks when she could not feel the level of balance to which she was accustomed.

Orange Field, 24 x 30, $525

Orange Field, 24 x 30, $525

 She felt more emotionally shaken than she had felt for a very long while.

This protagonist received word that her housing situation was threatened. With one week’s notice she plunged into packing and moving large amounts of her things.

To proceed she needed to store much — but her storage unit was already quite full. Her landlord told her that some renovations were planned, and one of the rooms in which she had things was no longer available to her.

Inside her she felt frightened and angry. The scenario pushed her buttons big time.

For about three weeks she focused on getting the job done to comply with requests.

In addition to moving, it seemed prudent to look for alternative places to live– a task to which she addressed herself when she could. She felt pressured and too busy.

During this period, she frequently thought about her circumstances which continued to trigger these uncomfortable feelings.

She recalled that getting her mind off it would help– she did do some novel reading– but it did not feel safe to take her mind off her dilemma for long.

During this time our heroine did reach for some better feeling thoughts:

  • the wonder of friends helping her
  • the unexpected offer of a place to store her things
  • the fun of packing up with companionship
  • the relief of the times when she could pause and visit with friends.

After several weeks, feeling afraid, hurt and angry, one day while driving to view a property, she had a mini melt down.

Our star was lost looking for the place. Stopped in a random driveway,   she started saying she could not take anymore, did not care if she ever found it, and more. She waved her hands around :).

Later that day she was reading a book on near death experience. Rapt, Casmia read the story of a man who died in a terrible car accident and returned to his body. Weeks had passed and he lay in agony.

A friend came by– a fellow minister, and told him that he had to survive this. The injured one could barely utter his thoughts said ( I parphrase), “No I cannot do anything. I have no energy.”  His compatriot returned, “You don’t have to do a thing. Turn it over to us. We will pray you to live.”

In that moment our heroine had an epiphany.

Inspiration penetrated all that upset — she would let it all go. She turned it over to a greater power, Source energy.

Suddenly she could shift her focus to ease and calm.

Before this she had been waking up in the night, now she slept soundly straight through. It was easier to proceed. The momentum of the upset was interrupted.

Then she became able to tell her story emphasizing what she liked in what was happening. She could begin to anticipate good things happening. She could remember that good comes from contrast– and she could begin to feel some good.

Now from the vantage point of another three weeks, Casmia can see what was happening.

When she feels like her survival is threatened, she operated in fight or flight mode. Momentum of the upset kept her feeling unbalanced.

She was reaching for uplift throughout. She did attract a shift and got help turning to more ease.

Casmia wants all of you to know– the law of allowing can look like feeling poorly until I can feel better.

We want to make it ok to be where we are. 

We want to value ourselves all the time and perhaps especially when not feeling particularly good.

We want to remember that the advantage, the expansion, we get from contrast though it may feel uncomfortable.

We can take it easy even when momentarily it appears things are not flowing our way. 

Life is on our side even when difficult.

Though Casmia’s housing story is still unfolding, she feels much better and can say with gusto: Things are always working out well for me.

Do you have a story o share when you made it ok to be where you were? Do you have an account of how you supported yourself through hard times? Please tell it! You can comment on the browser version of this post.  Your sharing spreads the love!





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