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Worth It To Feel Good


Rosco Pasture I, 24 x 30, Acrylic, $525

Rosco Pasture I, 24 x 30, Acrylic, $525

Are you practicing reaching for thoughts that soothe you– that bring ease and comfort? Living is easier when you focus on feeling better moment to moment. Isn’t it great to maximize the enjoyment of life!

This from Abraham daily quote July 26, 2017:

“The discipline that we would like you to exercise is to make a decision that nothing is more important than that you feel good, and that you are going to find thoughts that feel better. Your cork floating is the only thing that is worthy of the disciple. ”

Excerpt from Abraham Hicks seminar in MD on 4/19/97.

When you feel good, you line up with That Power that Creates World. Not only do you relish a happy moment, more Good is flowing than it may appear. This state of being presents the conditions when what is wanted can come into being, into manifestation.

Here’s an example as Casmia’s story continues:

When we left Casmia last week, she had reached for feeling better about her search for housing. Relaxing, she began to expect things to work out for her.

Early Monday morning she browsed on craigslist for housing. She felt relaxed and in a cheerful mood.

There she found a new listing, one that was located where she wanted to be, had good square footage and at an affordable price.

In fact, it appeared to be an excellent value– if she liked it.

Two days earlier our heroine identified a low cost posting– the owner set up a viewing and at least four interested parties looked. It was a competitive scene.

That Monday she phoned at 8 am the post having gone up 18 hours prior. Casmia asked, “Is it still for rent?” The owner responded,” It just went up yesterday.”

She viewed it that afternoon.

Others did not respond till Tuesday, one person. Then the phone rang off the hook for two days– after Casmia had put down a deposit.

On her wish list:

  • Light- it had lovely windows
  • storage- lots of closets and a good sized storage facility
  • Laundry facility- the day before the tenant announced she’s leaving the washer and dryer
  • lawn care- The neighbor does the lawn at a reasonable cost
  • a large living room
  • parking for guests
  • and more

Punch line: She felt better when she decided to relax and let the universe find her place.

Then she got so much of what she wanted! The Forces of Good surprised and delighted her.

Take Away:

Make what is ok

Practice putting your mind on what you enjoy and what you love

Why not build those muscles?

So much Pay off for a bit of effort to soothe yourself!

So worth It!

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