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Catch Yourself and Shift Your Thought


This post is re-edited from several years ago. Anybody out there experiencing some dating? Perhaps this can offer some insight.

Because my girlfriend Amelia and I are both dating, we talk about our experiences and reactions.

Recently, Amelia had come home from a date and soon thereafter started believing,  

Connected, 30 x 40, Acrylic with Texture on Canvas, $625

Connected, 30 x 40, Acrylic with Texture on Canvas, $625

“He is just not that into me.” As I listened, I got a different impression–I did not believe her assessment was as true as it sounded to her. Based on her report on what he said, did and the overall vibe, I thought he did like her.

Then this week I had a date ( aside: the man had the same first name as Amelia’s male interest, – no lie!). Soon after I got home I heard myself express a similar sentiment, “I don’t think he liked me that much.” This thought sounded and felt so true!

But wait! I had just heard Amelia thinking that way. and as an objective listener, I could easily tell it was not the case. Hmmm… What can I do for myself?

  • I appreciated that I noticed! This feeling may not be accurate– I dubbed the phenomenon “Girl Nuts”.
  • I focused in on enjoying my day to day life– so rich in wonderful things- clients for healing, painting, friends calling, gardening, walks in nature, etc.

Then soon afterward I recalled when my date first laid eyes on me. At that moment he looked very glad to see me, his gaze admiring.

It came to me– in the privacy of my mind I could keep playing the picture of his appreciative look over and over.  Why not think that instead of “he’s not that into me?” Inside I saw his big smile greeting me, looking happy.

Know what? Four days later he called. He wanted to thank me for a good time and asked me to go out with him again. I switched my inner vision and got outer manifestation.

Points for you, Dear Reader:

  • Do not believe everything you think!
  • If you find yourself thinking a disapproving thought, a thought you do not want, look for another preferable thought, image or feeling and review that in your mind or
  • Dive into fun pursuits, concentrate on something compelling, involve yourself elsewhere in your life or
  • Appreciate yourself and your world– be specific ( and possibly long-winded!) or
  • Do all of these!
  • Keep going

Have a reaction to this small victory? Please comment! Share your own stories. We all rock!

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