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When I See the Positive, I Feel Good

Swimmers 2011

Swimmers, 24 x 30, Acrylic with Texture on Canvas, $525

This morning early on I went to my phone and punched in digits for dear friend Mariam. Years ago Mariam gifted me with a clump of irises from her garden that had originally come from her mom’s plot in Maryland. Since then her mother transitioned.

I think this clump gave a bloom its first year in my yard and  since then  for many years had not produced– until … this morning! I peered out my window and shazam– a flower! How satisfying!

Mariam picked up and I shared the news. We moved to checking in, and she shared an incident from last weekend when for some moments she felt “not enough” when a workshop leader asked her why she wasn’t more active in a certain activity. Why wasn’t she doing more? …

Listening, this came to me– some of us spend a good bit of our time paying attention to our thoughts– soothing and then uplifting ourselves in an unfolding process, our journey. Using our energy for this inner work sometimes from tout side ourselves it does not look like the kind of achievement our conventional culture recognizes: a growing business, the winning of awards, etc.

Isn’t it lovely to remember the great value of our inner gains– what matters more than feeling good more and more of the minutes of our lives! Some also believe we take these gains with us eternally– the increase in capacity for love across the eons. ( After all when we heal our hurts, it means we can love ourselves more and others too 🙂 ).

With our focus inside our vibration changes. I’ve noticed as I proceed in my day appreciating, people are drawn to me, some who can benefit from my influence and upbeat attitude.

Since I reside in a culture that values outer signs of success more than what flows from inside, I love reminding myself of the value of the atmosphere that follows, flows. It’s great to gain wealth and acquire possessions and isn’t fun to feel good.

Today I reminded Mariam about how much she was growing, the specific ways it showed, and how much it added to those around her. There is evidence of more mastery, people who are assisted and who feel better. AND, when I focused on reflecting this to her I felt uplifted myself. It was easy to appreciate her and then presto chango— I felt better myself.

When JANET appreciates, JANET feels better!  For some it can seem like an act of appreciating is FOR the other person.. perhaps including that the one appreciated should “deserve it”.

Good for me today to remember that we are all so connected: as I uplift another, I lift myself — all of a piece. I can release the concern of “do they deserve” and tune into the juicy vibration appreciating calls up, the atmosphere that we create when praising. When I view others as ALL THAT IS does– we are all worthy of appreciating. 🙂

Take Away

Gosh it is fun to notice the spring flowers.

Hee-Haw! it is fun to call a friend to share. You can say simple things that change both your days.

Do you have some appreciations that you are prompted to share? Please write to jpearl@streamofyes.com. Cool to bask in lifting one another.

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