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Kindness to Self and a Better You


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Most of you reading this blog are involved in a process of becoming a better version of you. Influences that I use to grow tell me I am becoming “Who I Really Am”.   Do you like that language for your growth? These adjectives we may use for ourselves trained into us “too lazy, not smart enough, not a good enough ( fill in the blank____),  not athletic enough or too much of a jock, et etc———” …all of that UNTRUE  and unrelated to WHO WE REALLY ARE. Pause a moment to drink that in– I find it relaxing to ponder– I am GOOD. I have been hearing the reframe of my habits of thought about myself for over 25 years, and it still feels soothing to hear a version where I am good. How about you for you?

Do you like to know you are wonderful beyond measure??

Highly likely that you, dear readers, want to shed some habits of thought that you have picked up from living in this culture at this time in history. How do we make adjustments to habits that operate and of which we are often unaware?

In his lecture running currently on the Hay House World Summit online,  Bruce Lipton tells us that 95% of our time we operate from subconscious programming. In this moment as you are reading you have access to the 5%, you have the chance to change. IN THIS MOMENT.

Recently I realized I had gotten going on feeling irritated by a certain person. I knew it but I was not quickly shifting to appreciation.. in fact I had momentum going and kept listing complaints… until… I noticed. “Oh No I am listing complaints!” This noticing is the point of this piece. What do I do when I notice?

From former habits of thought I would have said to myself “What a jerk! You want to be appreciating and you are listing complaints!”  BUT NO! WAIT! I can respond in a more constructive and loving way. “GOOD FOR YOU FOR NOTICING” and “I really admire that I can learn new habits. I love that I hear birds singing. I love that my amaryllis is blooming with another bud on the way. I love that I have so many attentive friends. etc… focusing on things that please me” I appreciated what I could even if not directly what had prompted the irritation.

When I catch myself doing a habit that I know I want to change, I want to say– “Good for me I have attention to see that and shift!”  To change a habit, you will see yourself doing it … probably quite a few times ( if not thousands 🙂 ) Bruce Lipton emphasized how repetition of the new habit is required. Much repetition. Dr Joe Dispenza in his seminars teaches how the body joins more neurons in a new pathway with the repetitions– he shows slides to demonstrate! The point is this: Noticing, shifting, repeating–THAT IS THE WAY THAT HUMANS CHANGE HABITS.

When we see ourselves doing the habit we want to change, I advocate kindness and praise. Then gently speak what you want to be doing/thinking/saying.

Noticing in the present moment, kindness to self and persisting, practicing the new thought. You are exercising tremendous power when you follow this simple guideline.  Self Blame feels so horrible, one of the most painful feelings in the world. Isn’t it great to be overcoming that bit by bit? Hee Haw! We can and We are!

Noticing in present time is not the only tool in the toolkit for bringing patterns of thinking to new places. Meditating and doing inner work  key to the toolkit also– for another blog entry. Again here I am underscoring the attitude of self love as we proceed and to realize that on this path we will see ourselves speaking, thinking, doing things we do not prefer.. and to know we are living in the beam of the Force of Good. We can relax and know we are embarked on the process that expands ALL THAT IS. Don’t you love knowing that? I do.

Comments, questions, praise 🙂  ??? Please write me at jpearl@streamofyes.com. I will be prompt in responding to you with kindness :).









When we want to use our consciousness more than we have, we will notice, we willl wake up and say — wait I don’t want to be doing that or saying that– that is the habit. Then we have a choice point: will we beat ourselves up because we notice we were unaware… or will we appreciate that we are conscious right now? Our habitual thought may be self blame.. duh.. sure know about that one and still have to pay attention. I have said to myself “what a jerk” when I catch myself. Instead, I want to say “Good for me. I just noticed some piece of underground operating







When we notice a habit, that is actually cause for celebration because… we are aware of it.. that is our moment of power to make a different choice.


The path of shifting habits of thought will involve noticing when I am “doing” the habit.. The building of new habits will involve noticing that I just was unaware and now I am back. That is the way we learn. So more and more I make it ok to notice what I was just doing… I can say “That a girl you are back now! Good going! ” Hee Haw! Isn’t it great that I am here now. Isn’t great that I am learning– tihs is what waking up looks like!


About shame


I find it very cool to know that ALL THAT IS never thinks I am a shlep, never thinks I am a jerk or screw up.


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