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Healing Using Our Hands

Into 2014, 24 x 30, Acrylic with Texture on Canvas, $525

Into 2014, 24 x 30, Acrylic with Texture on Canvas, $525

Recently I participated in a group of those learning to use their consciousness to empower themselves body mind spirit. I awoke to how eager for testimonials the group is for what has worked for others– methods using natural approaches, with mind, with energy medicine and more. Want to hear some of my experiences?

Success with Jin Shin Jyutsu

Jin Shin Jyutsu is a self-empowered stress relief, a gentle and highly developed form of acupressure. With Jin Shin Jyutsu, students learn to place their fingertips on their own body, clearing energetic pathways and bringing feelings of well being. Using this art offers relief from fatigue, pain, and conditions of all kinds.  Readers can learn about Jin Shin Jyutsu  on my website.

When I first began studying Jin Shin Jyutsu, I had suffered from a blemished chin for about six months.  Other treatments I applied did not resolve it: some sores would clear and more would appear. Often suggested for those beginning to use Jin Shin Jyutsu Self Help is the applications of hands on oneself for the Main Central Vertical Energy Flow Pattern.  Readers may access instructions for using this sequence  here.  Wanting to dive into helping myself, I applied my hands to my own body according to the Main Central flow pattern as I woke each morning and falling asleep at night. I am not sure when I noticed that my chin no longer was breaking out. As I studied Jin Shin Jyustu more deeply, I came to learn that my chin indicated brain stress. I had soothed myself mind and body as I began using the Self Help tools.

Soothing Terrible Headache

One winter after I had been studying Jin Shin Jyutsu for several years, a woman at my job complained of a terrible headache. She had slipped on ice and fallen from standing to the ground crashing her head backwards. Over the weekend she had tried all kinds of Tylenol, exedrin etc and nothing had touched the pain. In under fifteen minutes of my applying my hands to her ankles in a specific way, dubbed JSJ aspirin for JSJ students, she felt relief and was so grateful. And the pain did not immediately return.

Preventing Oncoming Migraine

Woman in her cubicle at work informed me that she felt a migraine coming on. Discretely I applied my hands to her neck and head in a certain pattern for about twenty minutes. She was thrilled that she felt relief. She did not get that headache that day. Never before had she been able to NOT go into the pain of a migraine once she felt it moving in.

Healing Chronic Acne

Woman who had chronic acne on her face had suffered with this for many years. She was interested in trying something that might work. I taught her what she could easily do for herself. Watching the news in the evening, she crossed her arms and placed her palms on the calves of her legs, keeping the hands applied for about twenty minutes. She did this daily.  In about two weeks her face was clear and she felt delighted, freed of a pattern she had had for a long time.

Clearing Knee

In the Ladies room at work a woman told me her knee was bothering her. With permission I gently placed my hand on a certain spot on her back. In about three minutes she felt something and realized her knee had cleared.

Major Pain Relief

Participant in one of the Jin Shin Jyutsu Self Help classes lives with an uncomfortable level of pain. She received great value from learning where to place hands on herself for relief. She got some relief by sitting on her hands, using the sit bones, and from the main central. Also she got more and more relief by receiving individual treatment sessions from me.

Reducing a Benign Mass

A woman from a nearby city contacted me for Jin Shin Jyutsu. When she arrived, she had been diagnosed as having a benign mass behind one of her eyes. She also had curved spine on one side. Devoted, she came for individual treatment sessions regularly for more than a year. She also did Self Help between sessions. After about a year, she returned to her eye doctor who took tests to assess the mass. The tests showed mass to have shrunk dramatically. She also got relief from her spine condition and walking got much easier for her.

Dear Readers, I intend to write more about successes from use of natural approaches to healing both my own stories and some accounts of others that inspire me. Do you have some stories that you conjure up when you need a boost? Or, do you have some health topics on which you would like further insight? I’d enjoy exchanging with you at jpearl@streamofyes.com. We have so much health to access body-mind-spirit!

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