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Looking for the Good in Unwanted

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Chipper Pink Day, 24 x 30, $495

In a mystery by Louise Penny one beloved character turns to what appears to be the dark side, toward painkillers and lethargy, away from the influence of his boss. They had been a closely working team and now the leader was rooting for, praying for this man’s return to health, function and balance. I was gripped by the drama, intense and life-threatening. In this account Good does triumph over evil:  The way the author demonstrated this left me a profound impact, weeping.

Shift, click, aha! As I recovered my composure I was struck with the awesome power of the Forces of Good. Due to the thrill, emotion, poignancy I received an elevated understanding of how the Force of Goodness transforms what we do not want: how we must go through this to gain the joy of the victory.

In this column I have shared the view that we come to Earth from pure positive energy to experience and to thereby know joy. It is a given that we will tap into what we don’t want and then turn to toward what we DO want and with more directed energy.

This week I came to know with a rich visceral insight that redemption can only come through a drama of “unwanted”. That heroic behavior comes forth, rises up out of us, as we face a “terrible” challenge. We feel our Greatness, we receive solutions which we can only get with dicey problems.

In the last few days experiencing this book my awareness became heightened with the value of “contrast”.  As I pay attention, I can look for the potential in an unwanted event AS IT IS UNFOLDING– and spend less time and energy– upset. What form can the upset take? Many of us have had the habit to look for someone to blame when unwanted comes up. In my case I have had the mental/emotional wiring to blame myself.

Since this revelation, I see with excitement and power that I NEED these events (as does each of us) and that it’s a seed of Good in disguise. 🙂  Processing this I realize I want to organize myself to look for what grows along with handling immediate situation if needed.

You follow my point? Recently I have been hearing an unfolding story of the meltdown of a marriage of a couple in my community. Of course, I am hearing about shock, pain, suffering, the other woman, etc. Years ago I felt devastated as I broke up a 27 year relationship. Now I am so grateful for the freedom that came from parting and how I turned to create a life much happier than I have even imagined up till then. Never would have dreamed as that unfolded that this situation was in fact rich compost from which a big bright field of flowers was given a chance to sprout and grow. As I listen to the neighbor’s divorcing tale, I envision a world of good swirling and much joy coming for her.

Dr Joe Dispenza broke his back in his 20’s. As he handled his choices for healing– he lay face down on a bed for a period of time. He’d been studying how the brain works and how it heals. He jokes that he had plenty of time to apply what he had been learning. Laying there he imagined a healthy spine. In a relatively short period of time, he rose off that bed, walked, moved, was healed.

From that experience he would not have chosen, he developed his dynamic body of work teaching how we can marshal the power of our minds to change our lives, heal our beings, grow. Thousands of his followers are transforming their lives around the planet.

We can benefit from what at first we don’t want. Now I see this with greater clarity and deeper knowing.  I plan to practice getting to this awareness and switching my focus to the good coming, more quickly and more often as I encounter people and events I do not want. This is my growing edge.

Can you name events unwanted when they first appeared which have turned out to benefit you as time passed? And do you want to reframe events for yourself sooner, realizing the seed of good? Taking charge of your focus, you CAN TURN your thinking more easily and frequently to appreciating what Good can come, will come.  You know this joke: As I stand in a barn filled with excrement– there has got to be a pony in here somewhere.

Want to share your experiences of finding ponies? Leave a comment? Please write jpearl@streamofyes.com.  Fun feeling into Well Being abounding.



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