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Very Cool Appreciation Story


You all have appreciated something in your time.  Have you started to get on a roll with it, practicing appreciating several things and people in one sitting? Well even appreciating one feels good…

Do you relish imagining how that process builds new brain circuits? Yes, the new neural pathways facilitate more

Pink Earth and Sky, 9 x 12, SOLD

Pink Earth and Sky, 9 x 12, SOLD

easily feeling good and seeing  yet more to appreciate. My flowers are starting to poke up out the soil.  Last month I got two snowdrops blooming– thrilling!

Yesterday I listed the friends with whom it is fun to visit. I see their wonderful qualities, their liveliness, accomplishments and beauty. Sometimes I have the chance to say these thoughts directly to them– it feels great for both of us.

Have you looked for attributes to praise in yourself? What a game changer for me!  I’ve discovered I love compliments even from myself!  And who knew– there is quite a bit to notice and admire!

Appreciating has pay offs beyond the good feeling in the moment– you know that.  As I build momentum with a practice of appreciating, all manner of Good flows to me. This creates “Good Luck”.

This is the key behind people who say and live “Things are always working out for me”.

Example: About four years ago Carla led an effort to salvage a rented office suite which had been shared by seven parties. The prospect of being able to stay in the space looked grim. Of the seven parties five wanted to leave. Most of the group complained about the heat situation and bemoaned the rent increases that they knew would come. They saw a dire predicament and bailed.

Those occupying two rooms wanted to stay. Carla thought these courageous ones had a shot at arranging something with powers that be. Wouldn’t the management like to collect some rent rather than none?

Carla drafted a series of letters explaining the situation to the landlord, a sort of negotiation. In each letter our heroine began and ended with whatever could be praised–the building,  the parking, the light flowing in, the low increases and more.  In many she repeated the same appreciations. 🙂 Over about a month’s time and between the letters, Carla kept her mind on appreciating other aspects of her life and kept her focus on good, how much there was to enjoy.

Yes she had a vision of an wanted outcome and she basked in knowing all would be well either way (this detachment so important!) As our star appreciated, she felt good and satisfied in that moment.

Before too long the valiant women met with the landlord: the results of that session astonished all of them.  The building owner offered an enormous level of generosity and positive solutions for the situation– it was even more than had been envisioned. As the group walked away, Carla knew that they had tapped into the awesome power of appreciation.

Recommendation:  Conduct an experiment. During your day pick out things to appreciate about the people you encounter. Perhaps, take an opportunity to speak some of them aloud. See how it feels. Observe what happens.

Please remember: you are stoking the engine of positive vibrations and all manner of wonderful things can show up for you!

Please keep in touch. Let me know how it goes. I love when you comment!



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